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9 Quality Sources for Beautiful Landing Page Templates

Author: Margot Whitney
Last Updated: March 27, 2024 | Landing Pages, Marketing Templates

Do you wake up from nightmares about ugly landing pages tied to your brand? Or perhaps, even worse: no landing pages at all! How in the world will you manage to grow your business without a place to generate new leads or convert existing ones?

Landing pages can be a marketer’s worst nightmare, especially if you are strapped on design resources and budget. Even if you do have a solid budget, finding the right designer, and working with them to get everything looking the way you want it, can easily eat away at your bandwidth. Modern day marketers are busy people, after all! And with the holidays in full swing you are likely looking to get some landing pages created quickly.

Luckily, you don’t necessarily need to turn to outside resources to get beautiful landing pages up and running quickly. There are plenty of landing page templates (paid and FREE!) online at your disposal to customize and set free to the world in no time. Check out the nine resources below to find the right landing page design for your lead gen efforts.

#1. Free Landing Page Templates from Leadpages

Leadpages is a company that specializes in tools to help you sell (like landing pages!) so if anyone knows about how to create a page that converts, it is them. They were generous enough to share some of their beautiful designs with us, and you don’t even have to be a Leadpages customer to use these templates.

Whether you’re looking for an SEO landing page template to help you rank higher on the SERP’s, a page focused around converting blog subscribers, or even a more compelling 404 page that also happens to capture leads, this list of landing page templates comes with plenty to choose from. And the better news it that these resources are free!

Free landing page templates LeadPages

One thing to note is that some coding skills are likely needed to customize these pages, so if you have those skills, great! If not, you may need to loop in your web developer to make some minor tweaks.

#2. 125+ Landing Page and Overlay Templates from Unbounce

Here we have another company the specializes in landing pages, Unbounce! Unbounce has a team of extremely talented employees working on their products, and they definitely stand out as a top leader in the landing page space. They know what people want, and how to design a page that is compelling and conversion-worthy.

With over 125+ landing page templates to choose from, you’re likely to find a winner among these compelling designs.


Landing page templates free Unbounce

This resource of landing page templates also allows you to sort by tool, campaign type, etc., so you can find the exact flavor you’re looking for. For instance, if you are in the health vertical looking to sell an e-course, you can find templates for that precise purpose.


Landing page templates free Unbounce

You do need to sign up for Unbounce in order to access and utilize their template builder. Luckily, they offer a free 30-day trial so you have time to play around and decide.

#3. Sunny Landing Page Templates

Next up we have Sunny Landing Pages. This is one company that I was not initially familiar with, but after browsing through some of the templates in the link above I was impressed by the variety, look, and feel of these modern templates. Sunny Landing Pages also allow you to sort by campaign or industry to find a template in-line with your goal and business model. Many of these templates are mobile-responsive and completely FREE to download.


Free landing page templates Sunny Landing Pages

While there are some limitations to the free account (like 300 page visits/month!) it is worth checking out their plans. Also if you need a landing page for a short period of time (let’s say an event or seasonal promotion) this could be a great place to go!

#4. WIX Landing Page Templates

If you are into the sleek, simplistic, modern look, WIX is the place for you. In fact, these may just be some of my favorite landing page designs to choose from. Many of them incorporate autoplay videos on loop, which yes, can involve some technical resources to configure (and may slow down your page), but what could be more engaging?


Landing page templates free Wix

Check out the many categories and sub-categories you can sort through to find the right template for you.


Free landing page templates Wix

These landing pages take beautiful design to a whole new level. Not to mention that all of their landing page templates are mobile-responsive and FREE! WIX is a website builder so you will need a WIX account, and there will be certain limitations in place if you are not paying to play.

#5. Free Bootstrap Landing Page Templates

I know you all love the word “FREE” so why not keep the party going? Bootstrap provides some nice landing page templates that are completely free and easily downloadable. These landing page templates are designed for use with the Bootstrap front-end component library, an increasingly popular open-source toolkit that allows people to rapidly iterate on prototype web apps. A little more niche than some of the more typical resources, but Bootstrap is remarkably flexible and lightweight.


Free landing page templates Bootstrap landing pages

Their designs also tend to be minimal and modern. You will also notice that once you start to dig deeper there are several helpful comments around each page, and even tips provided directly from Bootstrap to get you off on the right foot.


Landing page templates free Bootstrap customer support comments

#6. 20+ Free HTML Landing Page Templates from Themewagon

These templates are similar to the Bootstrap templates above, except some of them do not rely on the Bootstrap framework to run. In fact, many of these are just combinations of HTML5 and CSS3 code, which makes them universal regardless of platform. Each template has a neat visual checklist of what that template offers, such as image grids with mouse-over actions etc. Not to mention, they’re free!


Free landing page templates Themewagon

#7. 25+ Best Marketing Unbounce Landing Page Templates

I couldn’t mention Unbounce just once in this post, that would be rude! Designsmaz.com put together this lovely resource of 25+ of the very best marketing Unbounce landing page templates. If hunting through Unbounce’s army of templates is stressing you out, check out this thorough list. This list was also made with converting in mind, so if that is your goal (and why wouldn’t it be?), these templates are a great place to start.


Landing page templates free Unbounce Reisen bundle

#8. Styleshout Free Landing Page Website Templates

This is another really great little source for templates; the main differentiator being that these are all available under the Creative Commons license. Not only are these landing page templates free, but they are unique in that they require no legal attribution, use royalty-free imagery, and are not subject to the same copyright restrictions that some templates may be.


Landing page templates free Styleshout

Did I mention that they look really great, too?

#9. Over 200 Conversion Tested Templates from Instapage

And last, but not least, we have some more mobile-responsive, conversion-tested templates from Instapage – over 200 of them to be exact! If you know exactly where and how you want to display your video, form, and any additional information, you’ll likely be able to find a compelling design on this long list of templates.


Free landing page templates Instapage

Again there are categories to help you sort and find templates in line with your goals (ranging from lead gen pages to e-book or event pages). These Instapage templates are definitely worth exploring.

Do not let landing page creation stress you out! With this sea of options, you are destined to find a template that matches up with your goals, vertical, and budget. Have fun exploring, and share your creations with us; we’d love to see them!

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