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Introducing The Goal Talk Podcast from WordStream

Author: Mikayla Wyman
Last Updated: November 25, 2021 | WordStream

We talk about small businesses all the time. From advertising tips to best practices when creating a business plan, WordStream’s content has you covered.

But what if you’re not reading the blog, watching our YouTube channel, or reading our weekly newsletter? When I’m commuting to work, doing housework, cooking something delicious or doing any number tasks that require visual attention but allow the mind to wander, I find myself turning to podcasts to use that time in a productive way.

That’s why we’ve decided to take our first foray into the world of podcasts. Introducing, the Goal Talk marketing and management podcast.

Introducing, the Goal Talk marketing and management podcast from WordStream!

The Goal Talk podcast is all about giving small business owners and marketers the information they need to succeed. From advertising tactics that help you personalize your message for your customers to management styles that will help your employees perform at their full potential and feel satisfied in their role, we’re sharing valuable takeaways to help you and your business flourish.

Why the Goal Talk Podcast?

We love helping small business owners and marketers be successful in achieving their business goals. The cool thing? Achieving business goals looks different to every business, so why should the resources they use look the same?  That’s why we thought we’d just talk directly to people.

The Goal Talk podcast features deep-dives with subject matter experts about a broad array of marketing and management topics. Your podcast host—that’s me!—will sit down with one or two of WordStream’s in-house experts for about 45 minutes to discuss the ins and outs of that week’s topic.

Season 1 Episode 2 episode artwork.

Throughout the first season, episodes will cover all of the basics. You’ll hear from people like SVP of People Success Lucy Lemons on how to bring out each employee’s full potential, our PPC powerhouse Kristina Simonson on how the Google Ads auction works, and even a bonus episode with #1 PPC expert and digital marketing influencer Mark Irvine!

Here’s what else you can expect in season one:

  • Creating customer personas
  • The basics of advertising online
  • How to write ad copy that resonates
  • The true meaning of a work-life balance
  • Essential components of a landing page

And so much more. In the podcast’s first season, we’re talking about everything you need to reach your business goals. (See what we did there?)

Our first episode

In our premiere episode available today, I sit down with WordStream’s lead visual designer Kate Lindsay and UX designer Jed Robinson to discuss the components you need to create a website that’ll work for your business.

Kate, Jed, and Mikayla recording the Goal Talk podcast episode about creating your website.

So much of digital marketing comes back to your website. You could be a master of Google Ads copywriting and Facebook Ads audience targeting—it doesn’t matter if people don’t trust your website and convert there.

Jed and Kate offer expert advice on how to effectively approach building a website. We deep dive into how to look at your product or service and determine which goals you want your website to accomplish, conduct some research, and put design and web best practices to work to make those elements successful. We even discuss the best ways to go about maintaining that site for performance as you build out your advertising programs, and why it’s so important.

You can find the first episode here. Make sure to leave a review on your favorite podcast app if you liked the first show!

Where can you find new episodes?

Great news, the podcast launches today! Click on the link here to check it out, and subscribe to follow along for the season.

Goal Talk podcast advertisement image.

The podcast will be available wherever you listen to podcasts very soon, but in the meantime, you can currently find the Goal Talk podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Radio Public, and Pocket Casts.

We’ll post new episodes on Tuesdays, and you can expect to see a blog post announcement every time we release a new episode right here on the WordStream blog. Additionally, a video version of each episode will be made live on our YouTube channel every Tuesday, so you’ll get to watch the entire conversation and be able to leave a comment for us.

If you’re signed up for our weekly newsletter, you’ll see new episodes linked in that email every week. You can also follow the Goal Talk podcast Twitter account for new episodes and to interact with each week’s guest.

Follow along for more content from WordStream!

Content is kind of our thing. So we love expanding into new mediums to bring you more marketing and management insights to help you succeed.

Find new episodes every Tuesday on your favorite podcast platform, and don’t forget to rate and review the show so more people can find it.

Happy listening!

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Mikayla is our social and community engagement specialist at WordStream (follow us!). Her interests include jammy red wine and trying to find the best breakfast taco in town. She recently ran her first half marathon and is scouting locations for her second.

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