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Larry Kim

Larry Kim is the founder of WordStream and CEO of MobileMonkey, a chatbot building platform.

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How to REALLY Run a Twitter Lead Generation Campaign

You can generate tons of high-quality leads using Twitter ads - but don't follow Twitter's rules! Here's the real way to run a Twitter lead generation card campaign.

Cracking the Code on Gmail Ads: My 7 Best Tips

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What are the 11 most boring words in the English language? “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” In this post, we'll walk you through the secret formula to writing an irresistible LinkedIn connection request.

The 21 Best PPC Marketing Articles of the Year

2015 has been an incredible year in paid search. In this blog post, Larry Kim outlines his recommendations of the 21 must-read PPC marketing articles from the past year.

You Might Hate It, But AdWords’ Smart Goals Are Pretty Cool for Certain Advertisers

There have been a lot of complaints, but new AdWords smart goals are much better than the alternative: not tracking conversion data at all. Here's why.

The Stupid-Simple Secret Ingredient to Better Engagement on Twitter

Emoji for Twitter is one of the easiest - and most effective - ways to boost engagement on Twitter. In this post, Larry Kim shows you how.