Keyword Group Segmentation - Improve Relevance, Efficiency, and ROI

Did you know you need keyword group segmentation in order to get the very best results from your PPC campaign? Being able to whittle your list of thousands, possibly even millions of keywords into organized keyword groups by theme:

  • Keeps you organized and able to visualize your campaign
  • Improves the relevance of your ad groups
  • Raises your Quality Score
  • Improves efficiency and keeps your data manageable

WordStream is designed to help search marketers maintain keyword grouping and organization through its innovative keyword management tools. Suddenly, the clumsy spreadsheet system is replaced with an all-in-one interface that works with your keyword data to guide you to make the right decisions for your PPC campaigns. This eliminates the headaches associated with the continuous, iterative processes PPC typically involves.

Let’s look at how WordStream’s keyword group segmentation capabilities work and what this means for your PPC campaign.

Keyword Group Segmentation with WordStream

When you use WordStream, you get instant access to a suite of keyword management tools that combine strategic automation of PPC tasks with data analysis to help you make the best decisions possible in regard to organizing your keywords and deploying AdWords ads. The keyword segmenter is just one of these tools.

When you import a list of keywords into WordStream, how do you start to organize them? The answer is startlingly simple. Click the “segment” button in the WordStream interface, and you’re given a list of suggested keyword segmentations based on your keyword data. From here, you can select a keyword group you’d like to segment, with the option of segmenting it even further into subgroups.

Segment keyword groups, singly or several at a time, with WordStream's keyword group segmenter.

When you’re satisfied with your choice, just click the “create group” button and you’ve instantly filtered your keyword group segmentation into a hierarchy.

Organize keywords into a hierarchy with the keyword group segmenter in WordStream.

Creating your best keyword groups couldn't be easier. You can segment multiple keyword groups at once with just a few clicks of the mouse. Repeat this process often—it's important to continue to segment your groups over time, to keep your keyword groups small, easily managed, and closely related.

What Keyword Group Segmentation Means For Your PPC Campaign

By using a keyword group segmentation tool, you are putting yourself leaps and bounds ahead of your competition. You're gaining qualified traffic from specific and relevant ads, and you're proving to the search engines that you're appropriately reaching your target audience.

Segmenting keywords into hierarchical groups makes creating AdWords ad groups so much easier. With the use of a keyword segmentation tool, you’re no longer relying on guesswork or attempting to comb through thousands of spreadsheet cells to make sense of your keyword data. It’s all presented to you in an intuitive way so that you can filter keywords into groups, tag negative keywords, or find similar terms to add or remove quickly and easily.

How Ignoring Keyword Group Segmentation Puts You At A Disadvantage

You may feel that if you’ve survived this long without using a keyword group segmentation tool, why bother to change? But you need to ask yourself some questions about the SEM methods you’re currently using:

  • Do they reduce the time you spend on repetitive PPC tasks?
  • Are you assured that the way you’re organizing your keywords is the best for your business?
  • Can you base each action on real keyword data from your site’s actual search traffic?
  • Do you feel that you’re always in control and not bogged down by your data?
  • Are you and your team staying organized and working efficiently in a single interface?
  • Do your methods improve your Quality Score, thereby reducing your ad spend and improving your CTR and overall ROI?

If your answer to any of these questions is no, it’s time to look into better keyword group segmentation— both to help you stay in charge of your data as a search marketer, and to help your business grow by reaching your most targeted customers.

Try WordStream’s Keyword Group Segmentation Tools Today

Using a tool to help you segment your keywords and build a keyword taxonomy can open new doors to the success of your PPC campaign. See for yourself first-hand: