Keyword Group Themes: Grouping Keywords Thematically for Higher Relevance

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Using keyword group themes is one of the best things you can do when setting up a PPC campaign. Grouping keywords into themes has a number of benefits:

WordStream is a robust keyword management solution with tools that make it easy to group keywords by theme. Instead of relying on tools like Excel that require manually sorting through data, you can use WordStream's keyword grouping and organization tools to find keyword themes quickly and group them in just a few clicks. Read on to find out how simple it is to group keywords into themes with WordStream, and how this impacts your PPC results.

The Importance of Grouping Keywords by Theme

What if, when you went to a bookstore, every book from every genre was mixed together? If you went in looking for a cookbook, you would be there for hours sorting through mysteries, fiction and children's books trying to find what you needed. This is what happens when you don't group your keywords into themes in your pay-per-click campaign.

When it comes time to make your ad groups and bid on keywords, you have to sift through an enormous spreadsheet of unsorted, uncategorized data to find keywords that might go together. As your keyword research process continues, you get more and more buried by your data until you have no choice but to sacrifice the quality of your ads for the sake of time and sanity.

Grouping keywords into themes eliminates this problem. When you group semantic keywords together, you form themes that help you stay organized. Having close-knit groups of related keywords enables you to cater your PPC ads to particular terms without the worry that you've missed an important keyword in the pile, or that you're grouping irrelevant terms together by accident.

The reward doesn't end at better organization, however. By grouping keywords into themes, you’re showing search engines that you understand which of your keywords are related, and that you’ve segmented your ad groups accordingly.

How To Group Keywords By Theme In WordStream

With WordStream's keyword management solution, it's easy to group keywords by theme. First, use WordStream's keyword import wizard to amass a pool of keywords related to your business. You can aggregate keywords from multiple sources, including our own keyword suggestion tool and the data from your own site's traffic logs.

Import keywords in WordStream using the Import Keywords Wizard.

You'll notice that your keywords are all in one general bucket, all lumped together as they would be if you were managing your keywords traditionally by hand in a spreadsheet.

When starting fresh with keywords, you can begin to segment from your 'All Keywords' bucket.

You'll be surprised how quickly you can go from a pile of miscellaneous keywords to an organized, PPC-ready hierarchy of keyword group themes. The first step of the keyword grouping process involves segmenting your general keywords. WordStream does the work for you by presenting viable candidates for groups based on your keywords' relevance and traffic data.

From the keyword segmenter, you can select one or several terms simultaneously to create your groups from. Once you've decided which keyword(s) you'd like to place into themed groups, click "create" and your keywords are filtered appropriately and instantly.

Create multiple groups simultaneously with WordStream's keyword segmenter.

You can continue this process for all of your keywords, creating more granular keyword group themes and filtering your keyword groups until you have a full keyword hierarchy.

The best part is that once you've segmented your keywords into themed groups, WordStream remembers your preferences and filters new keywords it finds into the groups automatically. You can even filter the negative keywords you don't want in the exact same way.

After just a few minutes, you've completely organized your keyword list and created keyword group themes to turn into PPC ad groups.

Start to Group Themed Keywords Today

Taking the leap from traditional, labor-intensive spreadsheet analysis to strategically automated keyword management and organization couldn't be simpler. You can try WordStream for free right now to experience first-hand how easy it is to get control of your keyword data and group your keywords into themes. Sign up for a free trial of WordStream today and reclaim control of your PPC campaign.