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AdWords Bidding: Draw on Actual Site Data to Optimize Bids

Is your AdWords bidding strategy focused on the right keywords? If your AdWords bid management decisions aren’t based on your actual site data, you can’t know for sure.

By focusing on actual search queries (what people type in search engines to find your site), you’re focusing on your potential customers, and this will help you choose the best keywords to bid on. Your AdWords bid strategy should reflect the way that actual visitors are finding your site. But how can you monitor this continuously and know which terms are best to focus on?

WordStream suggests real keywords from your log files based on actual traffic and website conversions, rather than historically popular keywords with unreliable volume estimates, so you can be sure the AdWords keywords you’re bidding on are targeted directly to your customers’ search queries. By understanding your customers’ behavior and bidding accordingly, you will notice:

Let’s take a look at how WordStream works as a bidding software tool that can help you with an effective AdWords bidding strategy.

AdWords: Bidding on Keywords from Real Queries

Keyword research tools like Google AdWords’ Keyword Tool are an effective basic starting point to building your keyword list and learning AdWords basics, but you shouldn’t rely on them beyond that. The secret is to really step into the shoes of your site visitors to find out how they got there and what they’re looking for.

It’s not cost-effective or helpful to your business if visitors happen upon your site because you’ve bid on keywords that appear to relate to your business, when in reality these customers are expecting something different upon clicking your ad. Subtleties in keyword bid choices can cost you a lot of money if they’re not fine-tuned to precisely the queries that are bringing you your most qualified customers.

Remember to allow searchers’ queries to influence the keywords you’re bidding on instead of hoping that the keywords you’re bidding on will influence your customers! Using WordStream to gather the data directly from your website’s log files gives you the ability to see exactly what queries are providing your site with qualified traffic. WordStream can then recommend appropriate keywords, keyword groups, and ad groups to help you sculpt your PPC campaign in the most efficient way.


The Importance of Keyword Management In Your Google AdWords Bidding Strategy

One of the most crucial aspects of maintaining an effective bidding strategy is to keep your keywords organized into groups. This is especially important as your keyword list expands over time, potentially into the millions of unique, long-tail phrases.

Why are keyword groups so important? Search engines reward search marketers who create targeted ad groups. These ads are targeted to the groups of people that are actually searching for what you offer. Searchers then reward you by visiting your site and improving your conversion rate because they’ve found what they’re looking for. By increasing conversions and click-through rate, you’re showing the search engines that your ads are working.

With WordStream’s Group Suggestion Tool, you can subdivide the keywords collected from your site’s data into groups. This not only allows you to stay organized with a hierarchy of keywords, but it automatically places you at an advantage with your AdWords bids.

It may be difficult to develop a significant sample size on one specific term; the way these bids are approached with search engines is that similar terms are clustered together to develop an average expected revenue when calculating the cost of a bid. So it’s highly beneficial to make sure that your Adwords ad groups are closely linked together in order to develop the most accurate bid and best results for the keywords in those groups.

AdWords Bidding With WordStream

WordStream makes use of AdWords’ bidding platform along with a suite of other search engine marketing capabilities, all in one easy-to-use interface. By integrating with your Google AdWords account, WordStream eliminates the hassle of toggling between different programs to manage your search marketing efforts.

We’ve already seen how WordStream can provide you with the proper data and research from your site’s visitors to help group your keywords and prepare you for bidding. WordStream takes it a step further by giving you an easy way to turn your keyword groups into AdWords text ads with just one click.

Once you’ve segmented your keywords, you can switch to AdWords marketing campaigns right within WordStream. WordStream will automatically suggest ad text for you, and help you set up your text ads with the correct formatting. From this page you can set your maximum bid, create multiple text ads, manage your ad groups, and publish your AdWords ads, all in just a few minutes. Before long your ads will be collecting clicks in Google’s sponsored links.

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