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200+ Best AI Prompts Any Business Can Use

Author: Susie Marino
Last Updated: July 9, 2024 | Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI (artificial intelligence) is something many say they can no longer live without.If you disagree, you probably aren’t using the best possible AI prompts for your business to see success with AI tools.

AI can be hugely helpful for when you’re in a pinch and need a hand brainstorming ideas–but it’s only as helpful as the AI prompt that you use.

While no AI result will be perfect, you can maximize your success by choosing the right AI prompt.

Let’s get started!


3 quick tips to write the best AI prompts for your marketing

Remember, you never want to blindly go with any results you get from your generative AI tools. Always be sure to re-evaluate and edit any responses you get from AI regardless of how good your prompt is.

This will ensure your final results will always get that “human” touch. After all, AI will never be able to think through concepts contextually like a person would.

That said, there are some key guidelines all your AI prompts should follow to save yourself an editing headache later.

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1. Know your AI tool options first

Each AI tool out there will give you a slightly different response for the same prompt because how they’re built, and the data they have access to, differs. It’s best to first evaluate all your AI tool options, like ChatGPT, Jasper, and more, before you decide which one you want to use for a specific task.

In fact, you’ll likely find that you need a mix of AI tools to meet all your business needs. You’re not alone in that case, as AI statistics show that small businesses tend to use multiple different AI tools.

 infographic of ai statistics

2. Keep in mind your current marketing strategy

Your current marketing goals will also impact which AI tools and coinciding AI prompts you go with. It can be helpful to take a step back and consider where it makes the most sense to use AI in your marketing.

For example, if you’re looking to create brand awareness, then you might focus on perfecting your social media AI prompts to quickly scale your online presence.

3. Know what to include in an AI prompt

A can’t-miss AI prompt writing tip is to be as specific as possible.

For example, if I were to try to get AI to draft a section for this post, there’d be a big difference between the first prompt I’d jump to versus the one I should ultimately use. Let’s say I start with “please write a short 3-sentence intro to a blog post about AI prompts.”

ai prompts - basic ai prompt example

Ultimately, I’d need a few more tries until I finally narrowed it down to an intro that had the potential to be edited and worth publishing—using this AI prompt:

“Please write a short, simple, and concise 3-sentence intro to a blog post titled ‘AI Prompt Examples and Ideas for Your Marketing’ in an educational yet approachable and friendly tone geared towards small businesses. Acknowledge and/or provide an example of how AI prompts can be a challenge but mention that the blog post is structured to help alleviate those challenges. Use the following blog posts as inspiration for voice, tone, and style.”

ai prompts - example of a thorough ai prompt

While that last prompt may be a bit of a mouthful, this proves that some editing and finetuning will be inevitable to truly bring AI content to life. The better the AI prompt, however, the less work you’ll have to do to perfect your result. So, here’s what to always include in your AI prompts:

  • Desired response length. AI tools tend to ramble, spare yourself from this by letting it know whether it should answer your question in one sentence, one paragraph, etc.
  • Your business’s industry. Add context to your AI prompts by clarifying what your business does.
  • Your target audience. AI can tailor its tone to best resonate with your target market.
  • The goal or purpose of your prompt. Mention what you’re looking to achieve so that your AI tool could include a call to action in its response.
  • Your brand style guide. You could either provide a link to your brand kit or simply type out a few guidelines within your prompt, but it’s crucial to let AI know the voice and style that you’re expecting.
  • AI can analyze links and files of examples you provide, so if you have a particular competitor or source of inspiration that you’d like your content to embody, be sure to share that for your tool’s reference.

ai prompts - what to include in an ai prompt

AI prompts for ad copy

To kick off our AI prompt list, let’s take a look at some prompts to help you with your ad copywriting.

  • Give me a few examples of successful advertising headlines in [niche or industry].
  • Rewrite the following ad headlines (and/or descriptions) to better target the keyword [keyword].
  • Give me a couple of options to make the following line of ad copy 10-20 characters shorter.
  • Here is an example of my most successful ad headlines (and/or descriptions). Please create 10 more ad headlines and descriptions similar to these.
  • Please provide some CTA ideas that I can add to the following ad.
  • Give me a few ideas to make the following ad more compelling for [target audience].
  • Here are two ads I’ve drafted, which of these two is more likely to convert better for my [industry] business targeting [audience].
  • How can I change the following ad to better cater to a local audience in the [location] area?
  • How can I make the following line of ad copy more concise?
  • What are some question-based headlines I can use in my [industry] business’s search ads?

chatgpt prompt for headline inspiration

AI prompts for website and landing page copy

Website copywriting and landing page optimization can be easier said than done, so use these AI prompts to lighten your workload.

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  • Add some local keywords like “best plumber [location]” and “plumber in [location]” to this website copy: [insert copy here].
  • Help me make this product description more [desired tone]: [product description.]
  • I’m trying to drive [desired result] on my landing page. What are five compelling call-to-actions I can use?
  • Show me five examples of high-performing small business websites in the following industry [industry].
  • What are some ways I can make the following website page more accessible and inclusive for visitors with disabilities?
  • What are some ways I can make the following website page easier to navigate?
  • What are some additional actions I can add to this page to drive conversions?
  • Develop a comprehensive FAQ section that addresses potential user questions about our latest [product details] offering.

chatgpt prompt for local seo

AI prompts for keyword optimization

It’s important to note that AI doesn’t have access to all the competitive data true keyword research tools would have. You should not be using AI for keyword research or your final list of keywords, but you can use AI tools to spot-check your keyword lists and more.

  • List 20 high-volume, low-competition PPC keyword ideas for my local [industry] business.
  • Create a list of informational, long-tailed keywords that can be used in blog posts for [product or industry].
  • Suggest which keywords I should remove from this list if I want to lower my cost per click.
  • List the five most competitive PPC keywords for [industry].
  • Break out this list of keywords into [X] ad groups.
  • Can you tell me which keyword is the most competitive out of the following list?
  • Use the following list to give me five more keyword ideas for my small business.

ai prompts - keywords example

Content and SEO AI prompts

Similar to the above, you never want to use content produced by AI as the final draft you set live on your site. However, these AI prompts can be helpful for content ideation and SEO planning.

  • Show me five examples of the following keywords being used in high-quality web content.
  • Give me five blog topics to educate my [target market] audience on the benefits of working with a business in [your industry].
  • Outline a blog post that targets the keyword [keyword] for my [industry] business.
  • Draft five short, attention-grabbing titles for a blog post that targets the keyword [keyword] and covers the following outline [outline].
  • Write me five possible meta descriptions, under 160 characters, for the blog post [title].
  • I want to write a blog post for my [industry] business that covers the following topic [topic]. What are some ways I could structure this post?
  • Write a new outline for this old post, making it more organized, concise, and SEO-friendly. Please target the keyword [insert keyword here] throughout.
  • What is another [trend, tip, section] I could add to the following post [post link]
  • I’ve just written these three blog posts [add links to posts], what are some other related topics I could cover in my next blog posts?
  • What are common questions [target audience] may be looking to have answered online about my [industry] business?
  • What are some fun and creative subheadings I can use for the following tips in my blog post?

ai prompts - example ai prompt for blog content structure

Social media AI prompts

Incorporating AI into social media marketing is a common strategy for many growing businesses out there. Join in on the fun with these AI prompts for social media.

  • Respond to the following comment in three sentences or less using a friendly and helpful tone.
  • Write a friendly, one-sentence response to the following [platform] comment that shows appreciation for the comment and encourages the user to turn on post notifications for more content from ou [industry] business.
  • Write a quick [platform] caption for the following image, please include emojis and hashtags.
  • How would you recommend I add emojis (and/or hashtags) to the following [platform] post caption?
  • In one to two sentences, write a social media caption that recaps our followers on a fun contest we had and ask them to let us know in the comments which photo is their favorite.
  • Write a three-sentence [platform] business page bio for my [industry] business that encourages viewers to shop our site.
  • Please provide the steps I should follow to run a lead-generating [platform] giveaway for my [industry] business.
  • Break this list of tips out into a weekly social media post series.
  • Recap this blog post into a social media post series, using the following examples as inspiration.
  • Write a [social platform] post that uses the paid, agitate, solve structure on the [pain point] for [target audience]. Recommend [your business] as an alternative.
  • Help me generate catchy social media captions for our brand’s collection, based on the following product names: X, Y, and Z.
  • Help me interpret the user engagement metrics from our recent social media campaign.
  • What are the steps to try influencer marketing?
  • What are some influencers my [industry] business should follow on social media?

ai prompts - social media ai prompt example

AI prompts for email marketing

AI can streamline your email marketing with the right prompts, like the ones below.

  • How can I break out the following list of recent company updates into a monthly email newsletter series?
  • Brainstorm five summer newsletter ideas for my [industry] business.
  • Brainstorm ten newsletter email subject line ideas to match a newsletter covering [topic] for my [industry] business. Include emojis in some but not all options.
  • Write a compelling email that asks our existing customers for a review of the product they recently purchased.
  • Give me some lead nurture email A/B test ideas for my [business] industry.
  • Brainstorm 15 email subject lines, all under 60 characters, that encourage recipients to [desired conversion action]. Include emojis in some but not all options.
  • Write a series of email subject lines, one for the people who have already purchased our products, and one for people who are still thinking about purchasing but haven’t yet.
  • What are some calls to action I can add to the following email subject lines.
  • Are there any spam triggers in the following email subject lines?
  • Are there any spam trigger words in this email copy?
  • Create an email newsletter outline I can follow each month for my [industry] business.
  • Create event invitation emails that inspire customers to participate in our grand anniversary sale.
  • Generate a series of 3 follow-up emails post-purchase that ensures our customers feel appreciated.
  • Please provide three email copy options, all five sentences or less, for an email that thanks our customers for being loyal to our [industry] business.
  • What are some ways I can automatically insert recipients’ first names in my email?
  • What are some ways I can personalize the following email for [target audience]?
  • How would you organize an email list of [size] that includes [audience details]?

ai prompts - email ai prompt

Creative AI prompts

You can use AI to create and edit design assets like social media images, product listing images, and more using these AI prompts.

  • Design an attention-grabbing graphic for a social post on [describe post theme].
  • Generate a realistic product mockup for [product], which will allow customers to picture the product before making a purchase.
  • Generate a logo for a business [give some context about the company].
  • Make a [image style] of [object] [doing something, somewhere, related to your business].
  • Give me five examples of graphics from [businesses like yours] that might be popular or resonate with [target audience].
  • How can I improve the following image for [purpose of image]?
  • Which tools would be best to edit and create images for my [industry] business?
  • What are some tips to keep in mind when creating images for [purpose of image]?
  • Add more [or less] [desired effect, i.e. shadow, highlight, vibrancy] to the following image.
  • Where could I add more of my brand color [and/or logo] on the following image?
  • Create a set of creative guidelines my team can follow to improve the branding of my small [industry] business. Here are some examples of our branding so far for context.

ai prompts - example of creative product image ai prompt

AI prompts for video

To enhance your video marketing strategy, try the following AI prompts.

  • Create closed captions for the following video.
  • What are some ways to source and create customer testimonial videos?
  • How should I promote the following customer testimonial video across my digital marketing channels?
  • Write a YouTube video description for the following video.
  • Can you help me develop a video marketing strategy?
  • What are the best platforms to share my video content?
  • How can I create engaging video content on a budget?
  • What are some tips for scripting effective marketing videos?
  • Can you suggest ideas for my next promotional video?
  • How do I optimize my videos for SEO?
  • What are the key elements of a high-converting video ad?
  • How can I use analytics to measure the success of my video campaigns?
  • What tools can I use to edit my videos professionally?
  • Can you help me design a compelling video thumbnail?
  • How can I use customer testimonials in my video marketing?
  • What are some effective ways to promote my videos on social media?
  • How do I use live video to engage with my audience?
  • What are the best practices for creating a YouTube channel for my business?
  • Can you help me create a video content calendar?
  • What are some strategies for increasing video views and shares?
  • How can I use video to showcase my products or services?
  • What are the latest trends in video marketing that I should be aware of?
  • How do I create a video that tells my brand’s story effectively?
  • What are some common mistakes to avoid in video marketing?
  • How can I use video to drive traffic to my website?
  • Can you suggest ways to use video for email marketing?
  • How do I create a successful video ad campaign?
  • What are the best practices for adding subtitles to my videos?
  • Can you help me brainstorm ideas for seasonal or event-based videos?
  • Write a script for a video involving [characters/actors] that covers [topic] for my [industry] business.

ai prompts - video ai prompt example

AI prompts for live chat

Live chat on your website is primarily an AI-powered strategy, so here are some chat AI prompts to help you get started or optimize your current chatbot.

  • Generate thoughtful replies to customer inquiries about our product’s features.
  • How can I set up an AI-powered live chat on my website?
  • What are the best practices for configuring live chat responses?
  • Can you suggest ways to improve customer engagement through live chat?
  • How do I integrate live chat with my CRM system?
  • What are the top features to include in my website’s live chat?
  • How can I use AI to personalize live chat interactions?
  • What are some common mistakes to avoid with live chat implementation?
  • Can you help me analyze live chat data to improve customer support?
  • How do I train my live chat AI to handle frequently asked questions?
  • What are the benefits of using live chat for customer service?
  • How can I ensure my live chat provides 24/7 support?
  • What are the key metrics to track for live chat performance?
  • How do I set up automated follow-up messages in live chat?
  • Can you suggest ways to reduce response time in live chat?
  • What are some effective ways to promote live chat on my website?
  • How can I use live chat to generate leads?
  • What are the best practices for live chat security and privacy?
  • How do I integrate live chat with social media platforms?
  • Can you help me design a user-friendly live chat interface?
  • What are the best AI tools for live chat on websites?
  • How can I use live chat to upsell products or services?
  • What are some strategies to increase live chat usage among visitors?
  • How do I handle complex queries with live chat?
  • What are the benefits of using multilingual live chat support?
  • Can you suggest ways to improve customer satisfaction with live chat?
  • Brainstorm five cute live chat mascot ideas and potential names for them to help personalize the branding of my business’s live chat feature.

ai prompt - live chat prompt example

Even more AI prompts

Looking for even more AI prompts? We’ve got you covered!

  • Write a 500-word speech accepting an award for [award]. Include a few jokes that only business owners in [industry] would understand.
  • Analyze the correlation between ad spend and sales data for our small [industry] business in the last quarter.
  • Conduct an analysis on our sales data sorted by geography and product for the past year.
  • For each of these customer question submissions, draft a response that is under 250 words explaining the solutions offered on our site [link], and be sure to remind customers they can find more information under the “FAQ” section of our site.
  • Create a marketing budget plan for a campaign [campaign details] with a max spend of [budget amount].
  • Draft an outline for a quarterly business review document I can share with my [industry] company stakeholders.
  • Create a list of local directory sites my [industry] business should be on.
  • What are some photo or video ideas for my [business] to create more content around?
  • Compile a list of local events my small business could sponsor this year.
  • I have a three-person marketing team, [description of team member responsibilities and expertise], how would you suggest we divide up work for the following marketing campaign [campaign details].
  • What are some ways I can get my print mail subscribers to interact with my small business online?
  • What are some AI solutions for improving website security?
  • How do I streamline my inventory management?
  • What tools can help with project management and team collaboration?
  • Can you recommend software for tracking employee performance?
  • What strategies can I use to improve communication within my team?
  • What are the best practices for maintaining a productive remote team?
  • What tools can help with meeting and event planning?
  • Create a list of industry awards my business could apply for and include steps to enter for consideration.

ai prompts - general ai prompt example

The best AI prompts by tool

While all the AI prompts above could work with any AI tool out there, I thought it’d only be right to go straight to the source for AI prompt ideas specific to popular platforms. With a bit of editing on my part, I ended up with decent lists of the recommended AI prompts from each tool. Here are the best AI prompts for top AI tools… according to the tools themselves!

Chatgpt prompts

Here are some general marketing AI prompts ChatGPT recommends for users to ask.

  • How do I set up a Google Ads campaign?
  • What are the best practices for content marketing?
  • Can you help me create a digital marketing plan?
  • How do I analyze my website traffic?
  • What tools can I use for social media scheduling?
  • How can I create engaging blog posts?
  • What are the key metrics to track in digital marketing?
  • How do I optimize my website for mobile users?
  • What are some tips for improving my online reviews?
  • How do I target the right audience with my ads?
  • What are the best platforms for influencer marketing?
  • What are some budget-friendly marketing strategies?
  • What are the latest trends in digital advertising for [industry]?
  • How do I improve my local search rankings?
  • What are some creative ways to use video marketing?
  • Can you suggest strategies for retargeting ads?
  • How do I measure the ROI of my marketing campaigns?
  • What are the benefits of using marketing automation tools?

Jasper.ai prompts

Check out these AI prompts from Jasper.

  • Can you create a content calendar for my blog and social media channels?
  • How do I set up and optimize a Google Ads campaign?
  • What are the best practices for email marketing to increase open and click-through rates?
  • Can you design a landing page that converts visitors into leads?
  • How can I use Instagram Stories to promote my products or services?
  • What steps should I take to build a strong brand identity online?
  • Can you audit my current digital marketing efforts and suggest improvements?
  • How do I create engaging video content for YouTube and social media?
  • What are some cost-effective ways to advertise my small business online?
  • Can you write compelling ad copy for my Facebook and Instagram ads?
  • How can I track and measure the success of my digital marketing campaigns?
  • What are the best tools for managing multiple social media accounts?
  • Can you help me develop a strategy for influencer marketing?
  • How do I optimize my ecommerce site to increase sales?
  • What are the key elements of a successful email newsletter?
  • Can you create a series of blog posts that target my ideal customers?
  • How can I use LinkedIn to generate leads for my B2B business?
  • What are the benefits of using retargeting ads, and how do I set them up?
  • Can you design eye-catching graphics for my social media posts?
  • How do I create a customer loyalty program that drives repeat business?
  • What are the essential components of a high-converting sales funnel?
  • Can you help me improve my website’s user experience (UX) to reduce bounce rates?
  • How do I leverage local SEO to attract more customers from my area?

ai prompts - jasper prompts

Microsoft Co-pilot prompts

Microsoft Co-pilot suggested users try these AI prompts.

  • What are the top trends in our industry for 2024?
  • What are the most important metrics to measure the success of our business?
  • List ways to reduce costs and increase profitability for my small [industry] business.
  • How can we use social media to increase brand awareness?
  • Generate ideas for an upcoming marketing campaign about our new product with a marketing mix comprising product, price, place, and promotion channels.
  • Suggest ways to improve website traffic during the holiday season.
  • Create a content calendar for our blog.
  • What social media platforms should we focus on, considering our target audience?
  • Recommend tools for email marketing automation.
  • How can we encourage customers to leave online reviews?
  • Design a lead magnet to grow our email list.
  • Suggest ways to improve our website’s user experience.
  • Provide tips for creating engaging social media posts.
  • Analyze our competitors’ digital marketing strategies.
  • Craft a compelling call-to-action for our landing page.
  • Recommend influencer marketing tactics.
  • How can we leverage user-generated content?
  • Create a customer journey map for our ecommerce site.
  • Design a retargeting campaign for abandoned carts.
  • Advise on using local search directories.
  • Develop a referral program to boost customer acquisition.’

Maximize your AI tool capabilities with these AI prompts

Like most things in digital marketing, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the best AI prompts for your business. AI prompts will vary based on the tools you choose and the goals you have in mind. So, use these AI prompt ideas as a guiding light to crafting the perfect prompts for your unique situation. If you start to use AI in your marketing but feel ready to take it to the next level, see how our AI-powered solutions can help!

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