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Google AdWords Conversion Reporting: The AdWords Dimensions Tab Conversion Report

Author: Tom Demers
Last Updated: November 18, 2021 | Reporting & Analysis

This is the second in a series of posts on the Google AdWords Dimensions Tab Reporting Options. In the first post in the series, we covered AdWords Dayparting with the Google AdWords Time Report, and in today’s post we’ll walk through the conversions reporting options in the dimensions tab. This report offers you a couple of different views of your conversion data that can be helpful in reporting.

What AdWords Reports Live Within the “Conversions” Report?

AdWords Conversions

As you can see the conversions report drop-down offers you two reports:

  • Conversion Tracking Purpose – This is the purpose, or “category” of your conversion. AdWords offers you a few different options here:
    • Purchase/Sale
    • Signup
    • Lead
    • View of a Key Page
    • Other
  • Conversion Action Name – This is obviously what you’ve actually named your conversion.

You can also get conversion data by going to the Reporting and Tools tab and clicking on “Conversions”:

Conversion Reporting

But that report won’t be as robust as the AdWords conversion data in the dimensions tab, as you have access to several options in terms of the columns you include within the dimensions tab. This is a good place to get a breakdown of where certain conversion types are coming from (i.e., campaign and ad groups) as well as being able to look at conversion data side by side with metrics like impression share, click-through rate, etc.

Much of this data is information you can pull from a standard campaign and ad group view, but if you have multiple conversions that have different values to your company (i.e., a free trial and a white paper, use of a free tool versus a sale, etc.) the added granularity of getting a sense of where each individual conversion is coming from is crucial.

Additionally, segmenting data by the different conversion tracking purposes can be helpful as well. For instance, WordStream offers a large collection of white papers, search marketing webinars, and a free trial – while signups for each of the white papers or any of the various webinars are probably pretty similar, the value of those actions to the business is likely different than that of a free trial signup, so they might want to see a report that shows a “rolled up” look at the different types of conversions that maintains greater granularity than counting all conversions equally. By differentiating a free trial as a “signup” and a white paper or webinar registration as a “lead,” they can quickly get a sense for where different types of conversions are coming from.

There are still some data points that are hard to get out of the dimensions interface, but ultimately the conversion reports in the dimension tab offer a lot higher resolution than what you can get in either default campaign and ad group interface or even in the conversion section of the reporting and tools part of AdWords.

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