11 Battle-Tested Ways to Raise Your SEO Click-Through Rate [Infographic]


It’s easy to overlook your organic click-through rates on Google. After all, you’ve probably been lulled into believing over most of your marketing life that they’re not as important as other SEO metrics, such as inbound links.

However, there are a lot of really great reasons you should work on improving your organic CTRs, not the least of which is its impact on your rankings. In fact, we’ve found evidence that if you want to move up a spot in the rankings, improving your organic CTR by 3% will do it.

organic click through rates

But even if you don’t believe that organic CTR can affect your SEO rankings, it’s a really good idea to work on increasing your click-through rate. A high organic CTR in Google or any search engine means you get more traffic from the same ranking (isn’t that the point of rankings in the first place?). What’s more, higher CTR pages tend to have higher conversion rates, too. Increasing your CTR by 2x will increase your conversion rate by 50%.

In this way, organic CTR is actually a super important building block – a foundational must-have for more successful SEO overall. There’s a ton of evidence out there that points to CTR’s importance, some of it even coming from the almighty Google itself.

It’s not something you can sit back and ignore.

But how can you make real, measurable and lasting improvements in your organic CTRs for SEO? What SEO tests can you run to try to improve organic clicks?

In my pursuit to answer this question, I joined forces with the exceptionally talented Brian Dean from Backlinko. Together, we’ve developed an awesome new collection of the eleven most effective ways to boost your organic CTR and compiled them into an easy-to-follow infographic.

If you’re like most marketers I know, you don’t have time to dink around with optimizations we already know don’t work.

For example, Microsoft has proven that descriptive URLs perform better than generic ones – 25% better, as a matter of fact. Are you seriously already losing 25% of clicks just because your team got lazy with URLs? There’s an easy win if you can turn that around.

Another stupid simple trick is to get rid of your keyword-heavy titles. They’re super boring and don’t inspire anyone to click. I mean, look at these – so blah.

low ctr title tags

You need to get creative with your titles. Speaking of titles, there are all kinds of recommendations out there about them, too:

“Make them long and descriptive!”

“Keep them short and punchy!”

“Try these 94 different ways to make a title!”

Ain’t nobody got time for that. If you want to give your page an instant CTR kickstart, use this PROVEN title format:

The Format – The Emotional Hook – The Content Type – Your Subject

You can see exactly what this looks like, plus all 11 epic tips illustrated, in the infographic below. Keep it handy! You’re going to use this guide for reference as you continually optimize your pages over the coming months with higher organic CTRs in mind:

how to raise organic seo ctr

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Dhaval Parmar
Oct 14, 2016

it’s a really good idea to work on increasing your click-through rate

Melissa Merriam
Oct 17, 2016

A great post on CTR, thanks for sharing this.

Murat Kucukosman
Oct 17, 2016

Awesome source for trainees. Thank you :)

Oct 18, 2016

This is an amazing post. Thanks for doing it and I really love the attack plan of using search console's ctr data to focus efforts.

I heard sometime back that starting a meta description with a call to action can have an impact, so my team added a verb detector to a tool we use, as a rough way to estimate if a meta description starts with a CTA: http://bit.ly/2dLvs0z

Rameez Ramzan
Oct 19, 2016


According to USA research, they only read post/article headlines, If we follow this study then if we use effective CTR's on our website then there is an optimum chance to get leads. If I am not wrong?

I look forward to a positive response.

Rameez Ramzan

Public Adjusters, NC
Oct 19, 2016

What a great and detailed post. Lots of Blogs give theory, this one gives great detail and direction on how to make changes and implement improvements to your headlines and such. I will also be trying to keep track of what "I personally" feel compelled to click on.

AWESOME, Thanks!

Milan Adam
Oct 21, 2016

What an amazing presentation! Finally an interesting article that doesn't require sitting down for an hour and enduring blocks of text, I think this is an excellent way to get your information directly across to the reader while keeping the utmost interest in what you have to say.

I am relieved to find a blog post that goes into detail and specifics as opposed to vague ideas and personal theories that lack credibility and experience- you clearly know what you are talking about, Brian, and I am eager to read some more blogs of yours and hope that they are as easy to just sit down and absorb!

Oct 28, 2016

Great article and infographic!

One word of caution: when checking for low CTR, always confirm how your page is ranking. We have seen examples of low CTR on a super-trafficked page only to discover that most of the traffic comes from feature snippet links, which (for some, unknown reason) Google counts as position 0. As a result, these clicks diluted the overall CTR values for this page.

Also, there are tools, such as Search Console Helper http://searchconsolehelper.com/, which extend the capability of Google Search Console with more data, better filtering, etc.

Nick Carter
Nov 02, 2016

Wow! that was an amazing read, just buzzing after reading that. Very informative, rich in details and easy read. I will try out your awesome techniques and let you know how it goes. Thanks!

James Hart
Nov 03, 2016

Excellent in Principle - However, the examples you use for the title tag misses one obvious, major point - they are too long.

What is the point of writing emotive titles if no one see the end text.

1) With late breast cancer diagnosis, Survival Rate falls to 22% = Get Screened Today

2) Who is Your Husband Sleeping with NOW? Get Revenge and a Smile On Your Face

3) This Unusual Book Writing Technique Will Make Your Write Faster

So in terms of battle-tested - hmmmm.

Also, a word of warning for those eager beavers. If you are currently getting good positions, take care not to ruin it with a change. Well ranking pages can take a quick dive and a slow return if Google see's less relevance in your title tags - personally speaking that was my battle-tested experience.

Nov 18, 2016

Extremely effective strategy. Thanks a lot guys. I tried this strategy on my favorite blog and the traffic boosted.

This is really works.

pk Gupta
Dec 14, 2016

Great ! !

Harsh Royal
Dec 28, 2016

Excellent article and very helpful infographic. Going to print it out and stick on the wall in front of me. I am a beginner blogger, this post opened my eyes. Thank you.

Ramsay Danny
Feb 26, 2017

Maybe this will help me improve my CTR. I'll try this one.

May 27, 2017

great article thank you very much keep up the good work

Tom Web Designer
May 31, 2017

Great knowledge about CTR - I'll test it asap.

Jun 09, 2017

Awesome details on CTR and SEO. Thank you for posting this.

Aug 03, 2017


I just love your article about SEO and CTR.You write the best about SEO and CTR.That why i like your post.

Thanks a lot, man!

Sep 19, 2017

The infographic makes a way new clear cut idea to the users. The different ways in single title make will be the best one idea everyone should think of. By that technique the domain can pull audience like never before.

Somali K Chakrabarti
Nov 23, 2017

Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. It is informative and easy to digest. I think it is a very useful idea to get creative with the titles and use emotional hooks to increase the CTR. Will definitely try this for my future posts.

Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor
Nov 25, 2017

Already one week into SEO and it is already a heck of a problem. Thanks for this excellent article and infographic.

Charith Lasantha
Nov 27, 2017

Great article as suggest on backlinko.com and i also using whitehat seo as well as Likerbee social media likes to improve organic traffics to my site

Md. Yousuf Ali
Dec 03, 2017

wow this is like a killer look article. this is really great article for newbies. I will try to follow this instruction.

Jan 09, 2018

Thanks for sharing this article on your blog. Well, infografic is best way to increase ctr of any blog. I was searching for my this question and my search was ended on your blog.

Jan 11, 2018

thank you for this awesome information. i really love this article. you have explained everything.

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