Gordon Donnelly

Gordon Donnelly

Gordon Donnelly is an SEO jedi who proudly honed his chops at WordStream for 5+ years. Today, you’ll find him in a hockey rink, on a mountain, or at home in Boston, building Triple Whale’s world-class e-commerce analytics platform.

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How to Create Uber-Engaging Facebook Canvas Ads

Facebook Canvas ads are all about creating immersive experiences. In this post, we give you the skinny on Facebook Canvas ads—including how they work, how to make one yourself, and how to craft a Canvas ad around your specific campaign objective.

Report: Featured Snippets Losing Ground to Direct Answers?

A new report shows that Google has been swapping out featured snippets for direct answers. In this post, we give you the lowdown on the change, and explain how it might affect the future of organic search.

Google’s "More Results" Test Could Spell Drastic Change in Paid Search

In this post, we’ll give a full rundown on the More Results test as it has unfolded, and discuss the potentially substantial ripples it could send throughout the world of paid and organic search.

33 Voice Search Statistics to Prepare You for the Voice Search Revolution

The voice search hoopla is at an all-time high—but how much of what you’re hearing is data-backed? Here at WordStream, we’re all about the facts. And nothing nails down the facts a movement like cold, hard statistics. In this post, we run through 33 voice

The Rise & Fall of Google’s "Zero Search Results" Experiment

In an algorithm update that took effect March 13, Google undertook an experiment to deliver a single featured snippet for queries that didn’t demand full search results pages—i.e., “zero search results.” After just a week of live testing, the grand experiment has come to a close. In this post, we take a look at the rise and fall (for now) of Google’s “zero search results.”

PPC Playoffs: Improve Your AdWords Performance & Win $2,500 in Prizes

This year, for the first time, WordStream is bringing the excitement of playoff basketball to the world of AdWords. Starting March 5th, we’ll be putting on a winner-take-all tournament to decide, once and for all, who can most improve their AdWords account performance. Winner walks away with $2,500 in prizes!

33 Instagram Captions That Will Break Your Like-Ometer

Want to learn how to generate tons of likes on your Instagram posts? In this post, we run through 33 hilarious Instagram captions, and teach you how to adapt those captions to your own content. Get ready for more Instagram likes, followers, and fans!

Every Important Google Algorithm Update Since 2003

Google's search algorithm has evolved quite a bit over the years. Here's a to-date history of every important Google algorithm update since 2003.

74 Super-Useful Facebook Statistics for 2022

Want to find out the best time to post on Facebook? How about the average cost of Facebook ads in your industry? Start optimizing your social strategy for 2018 with these 75 super-useful Facebook stats.