Gordon Donnelly

Gordon Donnelly

Gordon Donnelly is an SEO jedi who proudly honed his chops at WordStream for 5+ years. Today, you’ll find him in a hockey rink, on a mountain, or at home in Boston, building Triple Whale’s world-class e-commerce analytics platform.

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Selling on Instagram: 5 Steps to Make Money and Move Units

Selling on Instagram is hard. Check out our five steps to make money and move units on Instagram, and you’ll soon be selling on Instagram like a wily veteran.

Google Smart Shopping: Everything You Need to Know

Smart Shopping is one of Google’s newest campaign types, and uses machine learning to not only reduce the amount of manhours needed to optimize campaigns, but actually do more with those hours. Learn all about it in this post.

Google Is Finally Sunsetting Google+: Here’s What It Means

Google is putting its long-beleaguered social media platform, Google Plus, out to pasture. Learn all about the data breach that forced Google's hand, and some ramifications of the announcement.

Which Google Ads Network Is Right for Me? A Pocket Guide

In this guide, we take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of the four primary Google Ads networks at your disposal: the search network, the display network, Shopping, and YouTube. You'll learn the advantages of each network and how to make them work for your business.

So Long, Google Feed; Hello, Google Discover

It's official: Google Feed is gone, and in its place stand Google Discover. Check out our full rundown on Google Discover, including what it is, how it differs from the feed, and how it could just mark a larger shift in search.

Shopping for Instagram Stories Is Here

Instagram is officially rolling out shopping in Stories to all businesses! Learn all about using shopping in Instagram stories, including how to get set up, and why this functionality opens up some very interesting possibilities for your business going forward.

7 Steps to Making the Most out of the New Google Search Console

The new Google Search Console is officially out of beta! Check out our seven steps to making the absolute most out of the new interface and getting all the actionable insight you can out of Search Console.

The Big, Vital, All-in-One Guide to Keyword Difficulty

The purpose of this guide is to give you an in-depth look at the importance of keyword difficulty in conducting effective keyword research for both organic and paid search. Check out our big, vital, all-in-one guide to keyword difficulty!

Expandable Featured Snippets Mark Continued Shift in Search

SEO news-philes rejoice—it’s time to freak out about another new search results feature. Expandable featured snippets have landed, and they're a symptom of a larger shift occurring in search.