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Lisa Smith is a freelance writer who has covered the digital marketing industry for more than a decade.

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19 Tips for Highly Effective Marketing Meetings

Let's face it: Marketing meetings aren't always effective. With more meetings than ever taking place virtually, we thought it was time for some improvement. Here are 19 tips, including scheduling shorter meetings, setting goals, and more!

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Marketing technology isn't one-size-fits-all, but a good tech stack always includes tools for your most important needs. So we've created this all-inclusive, crowd-sourced guide to cover all the marketing technology you need in your tech stack this year!

The 16 Best Marketing Strategies to Try This Year

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12 Goal-Crushing Ecommerce Marketing Strategies for 2020

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21 Off-the-Charts Impressive Copywriting Examples

Good copywriting is concise and direct. Great copywriting is memorable and engaging—and that's what leads more sales and impressions. We've gathered 21 copywriting examples that are worth using as inspiration!

10 Marketing Channels You Need to Try This Year

When you hear marketing channels, you probably think Google and Facebook. But there are so many more platforms to reach your audience, and studies show cross-platform strategies perform better. Here are 10 marketing channels to try out today!

8 Audience Targeting Strategies from Digital Marketing Experts

Audience targeting enables you to reach consumers interested in your business. Here are eight proven audience targeting strategies for Google, Facebook, and more!