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How to Use Black Friday Promotion Extensions in 2019

Author: Gordon Donnelly
Last Updated: December 4, 2022 | Paid Search Marketing

Joy to the world: Black Friday promotion extensions are here to stay! Last holiday season, Google released a brand new ad unit aimed at helping advertisers run more effective holiday campaigns. Advertiser that had been carefully preparing for Black Fiveday—the five day span between Black Friday and Cyber Monday when search volume goes nutty—had another valuable asset to add to their bag of holiday marketing tricks.

What are Black Friday promotion extensions, and how can you use them to make more money in Google Ads this holiday season? Read on and find out!

Black Friday Promotion Extensions: What Are They?

Black Friday promotion extensions…that’s a mouthful. If you’re not familiar with promotion extensions, Google introduced them around this time in 2017. Promotion extensions give advertisers a way to highlight specific promotions in their text ads without cutting into their valuable character counts.

Black Friday Promotion Extensions

Promotion extensions were originally manufactured as an answer to increased search volume around the holidays—they replaced the Black Friday and Cyber Monday structured snippets of yesteryear. And, by allowing advertisers to highlight the relevant specifics of their promotions—things like minimum order values, promo codes, guaranteed delivery dates, and shipping details—promotion extensions give you more opportunities to attract prospects with various value props. The proof is very much in the pudding in this case: WordStream clients average a nearly 10% click-through rate when using promotion extensions, higher than both price and sitelink extensions:

Black Friday Promotion Extensions Data

As you might imagine, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are among the “occasions” on which you can already choose to run promotion extensions. Google’s Black Friday-specific ad units, however, are slightly different than your run-of-the-mill promotion extension. They are powered by promotion extensions, and appear as a wholly unique ad unit in the SERP:

Black Friday Promotion Extensions Deals

If you choose to take advantage of this unique ad format, your ad will show up at the very top of the SERP under “Black Friday Deals.” Last year, advertisers had the option to use this ad unit until November 27th, officially. Expect the same this year.

How to Get in the Game

According to Google, 100 percent of searches for “Black Friday” happen between November 19 and November 25. The Black Friday ad unit runs on keyword variants related to Black Friday: “black friday deals,” “black friday jeans deals,” etc. To create one, start by adding promotion extensions under the Black Friday or Cyber Monday lables in the Google Ads UI:

Black Friday Promotion Extensions UI

You are then going to want to create ad groups specifically geared toward targeting those Black Friday-related terms—unless you’re already bidding on them in an existing ad group, in which case it is perfectly fine to implement them there.

Some Thoughts…

If you haven’t already, give this ad unit a shot. We know ads with promotion extensions perform better than those without. Odds are your competitors are going to be taking advantage of them come Black Friday, so you’ll need to do the same to stay competitive. And if not, you’ll soar past them to the top of SERP!

And if you’re way behind on holiday campaign preparation, check out our Black Fiveday Checklist to get the full lowdown on how to catch up.

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