How to Advertise eBay and Etsy Products via Google AdWords



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We recently had an interesting question from a reader:

Can I run an AdWords campaign for my products listed on eBay? If yes can I link it directly to eBay?

The answer to this is a little bit tricky: eBay sellers are no longer able to submit products via their own merchant feed to Google product listings. eBay sellers have to rely on the eBay product feed to have their products pushed to the Google merchant feed. The same goes for Etsy and similar marketplaces. Assuming your products are showing within the marketplace in question’s merchant account, you can submit those products via AdWords product listing ads (PLA).

The way this works is that each marketplace is required by Google to have a multi-client account and create sub-accounts for sellers (more information on Google’s policies on this here). To actually link your product listing ad to a sub-account, you need to contact eBay (or any marketplace) to have them create a sub-account for you, which you could then link up to your AdWords account.

If you have the ability to list products on your own website, of course, you can avoid these issues entirely and create your own merchant account, and then simply link that account to your product extensions.

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Jun 12, 2012

Hi Tom. I run a marketplace and am struggling with figuring out how my internal team can effectively manage PLA's for each of our sub accounts on behalf of our sellers. It appears that at first glance you can only have one Campaign linked to a sub account. If this is the case, we would need thousands of campaigns to match each of our sub accounts.My question is, can we have one Campaign and manage PLA's for all of our sub accounts in that singular Campaign? It is hard for me to believe that ebay and amazon manage their PLA's in hundreds of thousands of Camaigns. There has to be a better way.Thoughts?

Tom Demers
Jun 12, 2012

Hi Adam,Yeah the whole set up for this is pretty convoluted - I've never tried to set the campaigns up as a marketplace so I don't know anything about the implementation beyond what the Google documentation above states, but I'd definitely recommend you reach out to a Google rep (if you don't have a dedicated rep you can call the phone bank at 1-866-2-Google). Best of luck!Tom

jim jason
Nov 25, 2016

Thanks for info, but can I just add my product page to adwords?

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