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10 Website & Graphic Design Trends to Stand Out in 2024

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Last Updated: January 14, 2024 | Websites & Online Presence

Did you know that 75% of people admit to judging a business’s credibility based on its website design? Or that 94% of a website visitor’s first impressions are design-related?

website design trends - website design impression stats

Needless to say, an attractive and modern website should be a top priority for your business in 2024. And lucky for you, we’ve got 10 ideas and examples to inspire you based on the trends of this year.

10 website & graphic design trends to follow in 2024

Use these 10 website and graphic design trends to get ideas and inspiration for your website, business branding, and other marketing collateral this year and beyond.

1. Illustrations & doodles

If you haven’t noticed, more brands are using hand-drawn illustrations like arrows and squiggly lines on their sites. Everywhere. From their headers to their footers. These simple elements add a touch of movement and a friendly feel .

website design trends 2022 - illustrations and doodles

Go to this website.

2. Big typography & contemporary Serifs

Big and bold typography is stealing the spotlight everywhere. These authoritative fonts create emphasis on key messaging and help set the page’s visual hierarchy. Sometimes the words become more of a graphic element themselves.

website design trends - big typography example

Go to this website.

3. Vintage design

Vintage and retro styles have been trending for some time, and we’re seeing more and more of it in branding and websites. These styles evoke nostalgia and positive emotions, helping your brand connect on an emotional level with your audience.

website design trends 2022 - mom and popcorn retro example

Go to this website.

4. Flat icons

Many websites and apps are shifting over to flat design principles to simplify and modernize their user interfaces. Rather than using Flat design uses fewer colors and simple shapes to convey an image rather than complex shading.

website design trends - flat design example

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5. Complex gradients

Interestingly enough, complex gradients are trending alongside flat design. They offer a nice complement to the simplicity of flat icons. Gradients are transitions from one color to another, whether it’s monochromatic (light to dark blue) or one color to another (yellow to green). They create visual interest, add depth, and shift focus across a screen, which makes them versatile for use anywhere on a website—whether as a background or CTA button. It’s also a landing page trend. 

2022 website design trends - complex gradient example

Go to this website.

6. Subtle motion

Website design tipSubtle motion is popping up everywhere on websites. Rather than real or animated videos, elements appear like they are floating in space or show a slight shift or bounce when hovered over or reached. Subtle motion can be applied to backgrounds, buttons, icons, headings, and more to help keep visitors engaged.

You can also create interactive designs like Carbure’s website below, where users can drag & drop the objects on the page.

2022 website design trends - subtle motion

See the subtle motion here.

7. Early aughts

This is another form of retro and nostalgic website design, this time focusing on the early 2000’s. In fact, TikTok has more than 2 billion views for the #Y2K aesthetic—even Gen Z is tuned into this style.

Lancôme relaunched their early 2000’s staple Juicy Tubes last year, with genius social media pics that featured a hot pink Game Boy console.

2022 website design trends - early aughts design exampleGo to this website.

You don’t have to be revamping an old product to benefit from nostalgia, however. Any campaign can incorporate retro references whether it’s a 70s font, 80s icons, or 90s neon. Nostalgic aesthetics lend themselves to social media campaigns but can be used across other channels and touchpoints too.

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8. Inclusivity & accessibility

This is a broader digital marketing trend where businesses are incorporating more accessibility and inclusivity into their marketing collateral—websites included.

2022 website design trends - diverse homepage

Go to this website.

When we think of inclusivity in imagery, we usually think of people—but you can also represent different incomes and lifestyles with your backdrops and settings. And we’ll continue to see more alignment with website accessibility best practices.

website design trends - accessibility

A seizure-friendly warning for the Office of Ordinary things website.

9. Real images combined with graphics & illustrations

There are images all over the internet, so how can you make yours stand out? The current trend is to overlay and overlap illustrations and graphics to give them a playful and active feel.

2022 website design trends illustrations over real images

Go to this website.


10. Interactive content

Interactive content is nothing new, but what is relatively new is that it’s not just for cutting-edge websites or complex data visualization. In the website shown above, illustrations appear over each dog as you hover over them. As the mainstream gets more access to interactive content tools, we’ll be seeing more decorative interactive elements.

And data visualization will continue to evolve. In the example below, you can hover over a language to see where terms have been adopted and naturalized elsewhere.

website design trends - interactive data visualization

Go to this data visualization.

Incorporate these website design trends into your content strategy

The creative designs in this post can be used for not only your website, but also your emails, social media posts, events, and other elements of your content marketing strategy. Whether that’s a nod to nostalgia, a friendly doodle, or a complex data visualization, you can stand out from your competitors and have fun while doing it!

To recap, here are the 10 website design trends to take advantage of this year:

  1. Illustrations & doodles
  2. Big typography & contemporary Serifs
  3. Vintage design
  4. Flat design
  5. Complex gradients
  6. Subtle motion
  7. Early aughts
  8. Inclusivity & accessibility
  9. Real images combined with graphics & illustrations
  10. Interactive content

And for even more inspiration, we’ve collected some of the best website examples here.

Lily López is a Content Writer and Marketer at Envato by day and a Spatial Design student by night. When not working, Lily can be found hanging out at the nearest flea market.

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