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What to Know BEFORE You Sell Your Small Business

Making a decision on whether to sell or hold your small business is a complex process. Learn the common reasons for selling and holding, the key considerations to make when deciding, the pros and cons of each option, and how to position your business for the sale.

5 Ways to Personalize the Ecommerce Customer Journey for Better Returns

This past year, retail ecommerce sales grew by 27.6%. Learn five ways to personalize your website pages, emails, offerings, and campaigns to turn your ecommerce buyers' journey into an experience they'll want to repeat:

10 Affordable (and Sanity-Saving) Marketing Automation Tools for Small Businesses

Marketing automation software is designed to save you time, but with so many platforms out there and only so much money to spend, it can take hours to decide on one. We're sparing you from that with this list of 10 cost-effective marketing automation tools for small businesses.

6 Reasons to Start an Affiliate Marketing Program for Your Small Business (+ How to Do It)

Affiliate marketing is a low-risk way to increase sales at decreased costs. But you can't just throw together a program and let anyone join. Learn about the definition and benefits of affiliate marketing, how to set up an affiliate program for your small business, and tips for finding affiliates that bring results.

9 Tips to Write Emails (Even Automated Ones!) Like a Human Being

For email marketing to be effective, you need to respect your reader’s humanity, never losing sight of the fact that you should be writing like a real person. In this post, we provide 9 tips for writing personalized email copy that resonates with your audience and encourages engagement.

5 Steps You Can (& Should) Take to Improve Your Core Web Vitals Now

Learn the five things you must do to keep your Core Web Vitals (and Google rankings!) from flatlining.

2021 Digital Marketing Trends: The New vs the Tried and True

In the wake of COVID-19, consumers have changed the way they shop. Purchasers are effectively shopping on the web and numerous organizations have gone online to keep in touch with their customers. Learn 10 digital marketing trends for 2021 so that you can keep up with changing consumer behavior

5 Clever Social Listening Strategies Using Boolean Search

Boolean search might look intimidating, but it’s quite a simple method that opens up new marketing horizons for social listening, selling, customer service, SEO, and more. Everyone wins from knowing just a couple of the Boolean techniques described in this article.

5 Key Best Practices for SEO Testing (+9 Ideas to Try Now)

In this post, we cover five best practices for SEO testing: measure more than rankings, evaluate pages for inclusion, know your tools, get control variable right, and repeat tests. We also provide 9 ideas for SEO tests you can try, involving meta title experiments, external links, social buttons, and more.