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WordStream’s guest authors are experts, entrepreneurs, and passionate writers in the online marketing community who bring diverse perspectives to our blog on a wide range of topics.

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Cross-Functional Collaboration: 9 Tips to Build Goal-Crushing Teams

Learn about the definition and benefits of cross-functional collaboration, common challenges that can arise, how to combat those challenges, and how to build high-performing, goal-crushing, cross-functional teams of your own!

B2B Marketing Automation: 5 Easy Tricks to Nurture, Convert, and Retain Clients

As B2B marketing automation gets increasingly complex, we're sharing five easy ways to integrate your tools for journey mapping, account-based marketing, effective nurturing, and client retention.

6 Data-Backed Ways to Promote Your Business on YouTube

In this post, learn the best ways to promote your business on YouTube, with a channel trailer, YouTube Shorts, influencer partnerships, paid ads, merch shelf, and branded shows.

7 Traffic-Crushing Google Penalties and How to Prevent Them

The consequence of any Google penalty is a drop in (or removal from) rankings. Learn the difference between algorithmic and manual Google penalties, how to avoid seven of the most common ones, plus how to identify and fix.

How to Use Google Search Console (the Right Way!) to Improve SEO

Though it's a powerful SEO tool, not enough marketers know how to use Google Search Console to its fullest potential. Learn four ways to use Google Search Console data to rank higher, drive traffic, and produce top-quality content.

8 Simple YouTube SEO Tips to Rank Your Videos Higher in Search

Get familiar with YouTube SEO and learn eight YouTube SEO tips to start ranking higher in search results.We'll talk about keyword insertion, hashtags, closed captions, and more!

SEO Content Readability: 5 Mistakes Your Plugin Won’t Detect

As Google's algorithm becomes more sophisticated and human-like in its preferences, writing that factors in human readability will rise to the top. Use these five tips to improve your SEO with human readability.

How to Persuade Your Audience With Data Storytelling (+Examples)

Data storytelling enables you to convert complex concepts and data into clear takeaways that others can understand. Learn how to use visuals (the right way) to influence your audience to take action.

8 Ways to Optimize Your Emails for Accessibility (& Why You Need To)

It's important to make sure your email content is accessible not only to readers with impairments or disabilities, but also compatible with the assistive technology they use. Learn 8 best practices to ensure your emails reach everyone in your audience.