Margot Whitney

Margot Whitney

Margot is a content marketing specialist at WordStream and nutrition graduate student at Framingham State. She loves all things digital, learning about nutrition, running, traveling, and cooking.

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Purchases on Google Has Arrived! Plus HUGE Shopping Ad Updates for Retail Marketers

With Purchases on Google, Google announced several new mobile ad updates for retailers including the ability to buy directly on the SERPs

Google’s Largest Shopping Ad EVER Spotted on the SERPs

Google appears to be testing the LARGEST AD EVER seen on the SERPs, a mix of a product listing (or shopping) ad and a knowledge graph panel.

Complete Guide to the NEW AdWords Certification Test

For those of you contemplating getting your AdWords certification or looking to get re-certified, we've created this guide to provide everything you need to know about the process, since it has drastically changed over the last few years. Get studying!

Stop Paying for Accidental Mobile Clicks! 3 Ways Google Has Improved Click Quality

Google has made strides in preventing accidental mobile clicks. Check out the 3 improvements they've made to prevent inflated clicks to improve the user and advertiser experience.

Law Firm Marketing: 9 Tips for Winning More Clients with PPC

Law is one of the most challenging and expensive industries to market, but your firm won't survive without a steady flow of new leads and clients. Follow these 9 marketing tips for law firm and lawyers to win more clients with AdWords.

Google Makes Strides in Tracking Cross-Device Conversions Across the Web

Did you know 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal? Google’s DoubleClick announced they are now going to provide marketers cross-device measurement to all of their campaigns across the web.

6 Mind-Blowing Digital Marketing Stats from Unbounce’s Conversion Road Trip

Check out these 6 crazy digital marketing statistics from Unbounce's Conversion Road Trip Conference in Boston. They will blow your mind and make you rethink your marketing strategy!

6 Shocking Things Google Revealed About the Future of AdWords at SMX

Google's VP of Product Management, Jerry Dischler, revealed some shocking changes coming to AdWords at SMX Advanced in Seattle. Find out the 6 most impactful things to stay ahead of your competition.

5 Tactics to Become an Outstanding Public Speaker

Does the thought of public speaking make you sick to your stomach? I feel your pain! Follow these tips to get over your fear and become a phenomenal pubic speaker.