Mark Irvine

Mark Irvine

Mark is the Director of PPC at SearchLab Digital. Previously, Mark worked at WordStream and was named the Most Influential PPC Expert of the Year by both PPC and Microsoft.

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NEW Display Location Extensions & Ads: Drive More Local Business

Google just released new Display Location Extensions that allow advertisers to drive more local business by targeting mobile users while they browse the web or use apps.

Want More Brand Searches on Google? Advertise on Bing or Facebook [DATA]

There are plenty of reasons to advertise on more networks than just Google - in fact, advertising on Bing and Facebook can lift your Google brand searches by 34%!

Facebook Ad Benchmarks for YOUR Industry [Data]

Facebook ad performance can vary widely for different business types and industries. What numbers should you be looking to beat in Facebook advertising? We dug into the data to find out.

Google Is Changing How Call Extensions Show in 2 Weeks – Here’s What You Need to Know

Google has announced changes to how location extensions will display for local businesses. Learn how you'll be affected and what you can do to minimize problems in your AdWords campaigns.

Ads on Breitbart Don’t Work Anyway, Here’s How to Exclude Them & Save Money

Many advertisers are boycotting due to the site's message. But display ads on Breitbart don't work anyway! We have the data. Here's how to stop your ads from showing there.

New AdWords Affiliate Location Extensions Drive Clicks & Sales for Retailers

New affiliate location extensions have the potential to be thousands of times more impactful for brands who sell through large national chains. Learn how to use them here.

NEW Google Ads Message Extensions Enable High-CTR Click-to-Message Ads [Data]

With new message extensions in Google AdWords, you can set up mobile ads that enable users to click to text you right from the SERP! These new extensions can increase your mobile CTR by 50%. Learn more about how message extensions work in AdWords.

3 Simple PPC Formulas Proven to Lower Your Costs

You don't need to be a data scientist to use PPC formulas and advanced analytics for account optimization. All you need are these handy equations and a little algebra!

Google Silently Introduces New Display Keywords Targeting Settings

Google has quietly launched a big changed to the way keyword targeting works on the Display Network. Get the scoop!