Elisa Gabbert

Elisa Gabbert

Elisa Gabbert is WordStream’s Director of Content and SEO. Likes include wine, karaoke, poker, ping-pong, perfume, and poetry.

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Contrarian Content Marketing: How to Zig When Everyone Else Zags

Learn why contrarian content that offers new, differing opinions does well in every industry, plus how to create controversial content that gets tons of attention.

If People Don’t Link to Porn Sites, How Does Google Rank Porn?

In his latest Webmaster video, Matt Cutts answers the question: “How does Google separate popularity from authority?” (This question came from a “Blind Five Year Old,” by the way! That’s our friend AJ Kohn unless someone stole his alias.)

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The PageRank algorithm is constantly changing. But will PageRank always depend on links? 12 SEO experts weigh in on the future of backlinks for Google search.

Toward a Linkless SEO: The SEO Link Is Dying. Here’s What Might Replace It

The SEO link is dying. What will replace the link? We predict how a search engine might rank organic content based on other quality signals, without links...

3 Reasons Guest Blogging Isn’t as Dead as Matt Cutts Says It Is

In fact, I might argue that few SEO techniques get “more and more spammy” by proportion. In other words, they’re not going from 10% spammy to 50% spammy. You just see more spam because there’s more of everything – more good guest posts, but more crap and spam too.

Blog SEO Tips for Non-SEOs: 3 Things Bloggers Forget to Do

Your blog will get a lot more traffic if you follow organic search engine optimization best practices. These three basic blog SEO tips and best practices will improve your blog rankings, but many bloggers forget to check off these boxes. Don't make that mistake!

Find Your Old Tweets: How to See Your First Tweet

Been trying to find your first tweet, to no avail? Want to see how much you've changed over the course of your Twitter existence? Learn how to use Twitter Search to find all your old tweets!

PPC Budget Guide: Are You Spending Your PPC Budget Wisely?

Are you spending your PPC budget wisely? In this free PPC budget guide, learn how to best allocate your PPC budget depending on your lead goals.

Quality Score Hacks: 3 Sneaky Ways to Increase Your Quality Score

Looking for Quality Score hacks? Here are three easy, sneaky ways to increase your Google AdWords click-through rates and Quality Scores.