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11 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Video Ad with a Killer Hook

With 8 billion video views a day, need to make sure your Facebook videos stand out with a hook. Here are 11 tactics to make your Facebook video ad unskippable, including starting with blurry images, skipping sound, and more!

5 Ways to Optimize Your Site for Google Page Speed Criteria

Lighthouse 3.0 brought new reports and new measurements for site speed and performance—and Google's kept updating algorithms since. Here are five ways to optimize your site for Google's page speed criteria, including using a Content Delivery Network, purging plugins, and more!

7 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Sales This Holiday Season

To make the most of the holiday shopping season, you need to promote your business on Instagram. Here are seven tactics for increasing seasonal Instagram sales, including last-minute gift ideas, holiday giveaways, and more!

6 Tips to Choose a Stunning Website Color Scheme

Your website is your first opportunity to give your prospects a terrific experience. Here are six tips to help you impress and convert more visitors with a stunning color scheme, including using basic color theory, combining colors, and more!

4 Ways to Find Low-Volume Keywords for SEO

Low search volume keywords can help your target your ideal audience and expand your reach. Here are four ways to find them, including user-generated communities, social media posts, and more!

Is Your Company Rebranding? Follow These 11 Tips to Update Your Google Ads

Rebranding a company isn't easy, especially when it involves a name change. Here are 11 steps for updating your Google Ads account for your company rebrand, from updating or creating new campaigns to monitoring progress after launch and everything in between!

5 Essential Strategies for Marketing to Generation Z

Marketing to Generation Z might seem like tomorrow's problem, but this demographic makes up almost a third of the global population today! Here are five strategies you can use to reach this audience now, from selling experiences to stressing privacy and more...

What Mobile-First Indexing Means for You as an Advertiser

Are you sure your website is mobile-friendly? With mobile-first indexing now the norm, you need to be absolutely sure. In this guide, you'll learn how to get your website ready for mobile users and how to fix common issues including missing Alt-text, slow page speed and more.

SEO Case Study: How I Increased SEO Traffic by 600% in 24 Months

That's right: SEO traffic grew 600% in just 24 months. In this new SEO case study, we share the strategies that drove these amazing results, including building links, creating SEO-driven content, and more!