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WordStream’s guest authors are experts, entrepreneurs, and passionate writers in the online marketing community who bring diverse perspectives to our blog on a wide range of topics.

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B2B vs B2C Marketing: 5 Differences Every Marketer Needs to Know

Most marketers would know that B2B and B2C marketing is different. Here, we cover the top five difference you need to know, including customer relationships, ad copy, and more!

B2B Social Media: 4 Ways to Target Your Audience

Social media audience targeting isn't as straightforward for B2B companies, but that doesn't mean it isn't effective. Here are quick ways to target your B2B audience on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

5 Social Media Networks Beyond Facebook & Twitter to Test

Most marketers are advertising on giant social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. But testing multiple platforms is key to any social media marketing success. Here are 5 lesser-used social media networks to add to your strategy, including Reddit, Pinterest, and more!

8 Advanced Tips for Advertising on Amazon

Most Amazon advertisers plan to increase spend this year, which means it's getting more competitive than ever. Here are eight Amazon advertising tips to get more traction from your ad campaigns.

What Marketers Can Learn from 5 Timeless Psych Experiments

From social proof to the fun principle, marketers can learn a lot from psychology experiments. Here are five marketing lessons you can learn from timeless psychology experiments that you can start using to improve your campaign performance today!

5 Ways to Cut Your Cost per Lead on Facebook Ads

With Facebook ad costs rising, B2B lead generation is getting more expensive—so you need to start spending smarter. Here are five ways to cut your Facebook ads cost per lead, including audience targeting, landing page copy, and more!

8 Email List Building Tips to Help Grow Your Small Business

Email list building is one of the most successful methods for growing your small business. Here are eight email list building tips, employing social media, pop-ups, and more, to help you grow and succeed this year!

4 Lessons We’ve Learned from Top Ecommerce Brands

Top ecommerce brands use Instagram to boost sales. Here are four lessons we've learned from top ecommerce brands that leverage Instagram!

7 Ways to Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is always changing, so your social media marketing strategy should be, too. Here are seven ways to boost your strategy this year, including working with micro-influencers, exploring dark social, and more!