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45 Fabulous Facebook Advertising Tips & Magic Marketing Tricks

By Megan Marrs January 30, 2014 Posted In: Social Media Comments: 56

We've got a huge collection of tips and pointers for mastering Facebook advertising and marketing. We'll be covering...

Facebook Advertising Tips 101: 11 Basic Tips

We're starting off our Facebook Advertising & Marketing Guide with some general tips and tricks for advertising on Facebook. Learn to select your campaign objectives, use various Facebook advertising formats for different needs, control the costs of advertising on Facebook, and more.

1.  Go in with established goals. Do you want more website visits? More Facebook likes? More fan engagement? Each of these metrics has its own value, so choose your main objective before you get started. The Facebook ad type you go with will depend on what you’re trying to achieve. Facebook’s new advertising scheme guides you to recommend ad formats based on your primary goal.

advertising on facebook tips

2.  New to Facebook advertising and not sure where to start? Try starting with the Page Likes objective – you’ll build your audience and encourage folks to like your page. More likes make you look popular, which encourages more people to like you in a domino effect – it’s a safer alternative to buying followers on social media.

advertising facebook

3.  Try Facebook Offers to capture attention! Facebook Offers works similar to the Google Offers Extensions, letting you promote a deal exclusively to Facebook users. Try using an offer to give away an item – maybe an ebook or whitepaper – in exchange for an email address. Or create an offer or discount to be redeemed in your brick and mortar store. It’s recommended that you target your first Facebook Offer to just your fans. If it goes over well, then you can widen your net to larger audiences.

Facebook Offer Ad

4.  Drive downloads for your mobile app. With nearly half of Facebook activity being conducted on mobile devices, Facebook is a clever option for mobile app developers looking to promote their creation.

5.  Include a clear and direct call to action. Include a call to action in the body text of your Facebook paid ad to encourage FB users to take your desired action.

6.  Use your Facebook ads to highlight special deals. Facebook paid advertising can be used to call attention to your latest deals and sale events.

7.  You don’t need a Facebook Page to create a Facebook ad. You can create an ad for a website by selecting the Clicks to Website objective or the Website Conversions objective. Be aware though that Facebook ads not connected with a Facebook page will appear exclusively in the right column, not in the News Feed.

8.  Try activating Sponsored Stories as an add-on. When someone interacts with your Facebook page, offer, event, etc. the action triggers a post, or “story,” that the user’s friends may then see in their News Feed. These “stories” are generated naturally but are often buried in the News Feed. Opting for sponsored stories basically means you are paying to increase the likelihood that these stories will be seen. You can opt in or out of sponsored stories in the left column of the ad creator tool.

Facebook ad ideasFacebook Advertising Help


facebook promotion

9.  Customize your ad headline. When promoting a Facebook page, the automatic setup is for the ad headline to be the same as your page’s title. Instead of leaving it as-is, type out your own customized ad headline to make the ad more enticing. Aside from your social media image selection, the headline is one of the main ways your ad will make an impact (or fail to).

10.  FB ads can do more than you think. Using Facebook for advertising can help you promote a page, app, or even an event! Exercise all your options.

11.  Let others help with your ads. When you add another administrator to your Facebook ads account, they can stop and edit promotions for your page. To add another admin, go to Ad Manager > Settings > Scroll down to Ad Account Roles > Add a User. The user must either be your friend on Facebook or have their email address be searchable on Facebook. Simply choose their access level and click Add.

Tips for Controlling Facebook Advertising Costs...

12.  Selecting a bidding option. You can choose from a number of different bid setups for controlling Facebook advertising costs. You can bid for clicks, impressions, or your desired objective (e.g., Facebook page likes). If you choose the recommended (and selected by default) option of bidding based on your objective, your bid will automatically be set to help you reach your objective, whereas bidding for clicks or impressions allows for more customization.

13.  Choose between daily or lifetime budget. As an advertiser, you can choose to set up a daily budget or a lifetime budget. A daily budget controls how much you will spend on a specific campaign per day. Your ads and sponsored stories stop showing once you hit your daily ad budget, helping your budget Facebook advertising rates based on each daily cycle. Lifetime budget lets you select how much you want to spend over the entire span of time a campaign is scheduled to run. Don’t forget that each campaign has a separate budget, so plan accordingly to keep Facebook advertising prices within your comfort zone.

14.  Want to change you ad campaign? You can edit your campaign’s end date or budget anytime after the campaign has started running.  While you can’t change your minimum daily spend limit (it’s set at $50), you can change your daily ad budget, which ultimately is what really controls the cost of Facebook advertising.

Visual Facebook Advertising Tips: 4 Ways to Create More Engaging Image Ads

Images are a powerful tool you can utilize for creating engaging, eye popping Facebook ads. Learn how to make the most of your Facebook image ads.

1.  Go crazy with the images! Posts and Facebook PPC ads with images get much higher engagement than those without, as they help your ad or post stand out from a flooded news feed.

2.  Add multiple images to your ads. Add multiple images to a Facebook PPC ad for extra variety and to test how different images coupled with your ad text perform. You can upload up to six images to accompany your ads at no extra cost.

3.  On image ads, keep text under 20%. Facebook advertising rules dictate that image-based Facebook ads that are set to appear in users’ news feeds won’t get approved if the text takes up more than 20% of the image space. Facebook has a grid tool to help ensure that your image ad follows the guidelines, but as Jon Loomer has noted, sometimes you can get around this simply by moving your text around slightly.

facebook ad tips

4.  What size image should you use? Facebook recommends uploading an image that is 1200x627 pixels for your ads. You’ll be provided with more specific image size recommendations depending on the type of ad you’re creating, but make sure your image is at least 600 pixels wide for appearing in the News Feed.

Advertising With Facebook: 7 Tips for Better Targeting

Facebook advertising has some incredible targeting capabilities that can help you tailor your message and target your desired audiences. Take full advantage of Facebook advertising targeting options to create highly successful Facebook ad campaigns.

1.  Take advantage of advanced targeting options. Facebook has a ton of awesome and unique targeting options for FB paid ads you won’t find elsewhere. You can target audiences by location, age, gender, workplace, relationship status, language, education and more.

2.  Zone in on your ideal audience with interest targeting. In addition to the targeting options mentioned above, Facebook allows for some incredible deep interest targeting. This provides tremendous value, and the interest targeting capabilities alone can justify your use of Facebook advertising.

3.  Make new friends or focus on the old. You can target your Facebook ads exclusively to users who are already connected to your Facebook page, or you can choose to target them and their friends, or those who aren’t connected to your page yet at all. (Remember that extending your reach may reduce the relevance of your audience and cost a little more.)


facebook for businesses

4.  Keep an eye on your potential audience meter. As you add targeting options and narrow your audience, Facebook will generate an approximate number of people you’ll reach. This is only an estimate, but can help you make sure you’re not targeting too many people (or too few). Ads perform best when they’re targeted to at least a few thousand people, so consider removing some restrictions if your audience is dipping below this.

Facebook advertising tips 2014

5.  Narrow your target with more categories. If you only have a few interests targeted, try adding related topics in the "More Categories" section. There you'll find options for narrowing your audience even further - choose users who have had a birthday recently, who upload a lot of photos on Facebook, etc.

6.  Want to bring customers in store? Try targeting people who live in your town or local area. Couple this with Facebook Offers to be redeemed in store and see just how much in-store footfall you can get from being social.

7.  Upload your mailing list to Facebook. If you’re looking to build upon existing leads, you can add a custom audience and upload your mailing list directly to Facebook, enabling you to target users you have an existing relationship with. Taking advantage of the custom audiences feature often increases ad conversion rates. You can upload a mailing list or connect directly with Mail Chimp. Just click “Create New Audience” in the Audiences section.

Facebook advertising tips for small businesses

20 Facebook Marketing Tips: Practically Free Posts & Promotions That Help Your Biz

We've covered all the nitty gritty need-to-knows about Facebook advertising. Now it's time to move on to the Facebook marketing, with tips and tricks that will help your Facebook business page grow, draw in new followers, and remain engaged with customers.

1.  Host a Contest! In the past marketers were required to use a third-party application for FB contests, but Facebook recently changed their policy and now allows contests to be hosted directly on Facebook. Hosting a giveaway or contest on Facebook has never been easier!

2.  Hide valuable content behind a like barrier. Hiding valuable content behind a like barrier will get more likes to your page – be sure to include a colorful and captivating call to action graphic to seal the deal.

3.  Try a large photo instead of the auto-generated article box. Trying to drive traffic to a blog post or article you’re sharing? Instead of using the automatically generated link and image block generated by Facebook, attach your own larger social media pic to the post and add the link to the blog post as a neat and tidy bitly URL. A larger image can do a better job of capturing attention. A/B test this technique and see if your clicks improve from the regular auto-generated format.

  • Option #1: Text with auto-generated link box with small image.

Facebook Marketing

  • Option #2: Insert text with a bitly link to the article and upload a separate image.

Facebook marketing strategy

  • Option #3: Add text with bitly URL. Create custom image with text overlay and upload it to attach to your post. This is a bit more work but can really pay off.

Facebook Marketing Tips

4.  Lights, camera, YouTube. Videos have crazy high engagement rates, so use them in your posts to get some serious attention.

Facebook Marketing Video

Redbull has a huge following thanks to their high-quality, visually captivating content

Facebook marketing with videos

Oreo uses video content on Facebook to engage with followers in a unique way, inviting them to play a game

5.  Keep it short. Concise posts tend to fare better than their lengthier counterparts – it’s recommended that you trim down your words to somewhere between 100 and 250 characters for optimal engagement. No one’s looking to read the next great American novel in their News Feed.

facebook for small business

Way too much text happening here!

6.  Update your cover photo. Change your Facebook cover to mix things up. Changing a cover photo to reflect a season or time of year shows fans that you are making an effort to be active and stay relevant. Updating your cover photo to advertise a special sale or giveaway will also help those events get more attention than they might receive otherwise.

PetCo Winter Cover Photo on Facebook

Petco does a great job of incorporating a seasonal element into their cover photo

7.  Post frequently and consistently. Don’t worry about overdoing the posts – as long as they are spaced evenly through the day, you’ll be fine. Only 16% of your fans will see one post (if even that), as news feeds easily become over populated. The more you post, the better your chances are of being seen. However, do remember to focus on quality over quantity – every post should be of value, not just something thrown quickly together.

8.  Use Facebook Insights to measure your success. Insights lets you see your most popular and successful posts in terms of link clicks, shares, and likes. This data is extremely valuable and ignoring it is like ignoring conversion tracking for AdWords – it’s just plan silly! You should be using this data to see what you’re doing right, and then do more of it.

9.  Deliver shout outs with Facebook tagging: Including tags in your posts is a great way to broaden your exposure, especially when working with other organizations. If you run a doggy grooming company and are giving away Petco squeaky toys, tag them with an @Petco. When they see the tag, they’ll be more likely to share your post with their fans, multiplying your reach by a ton! There’s no reason not to be generous with tags. Tag conferences you’re attending, businesses whose articles you’re sharing, favorite clients, etc. Everyone likes to get noticed, and they’ll remember that you were the one to put them in the limelight.

Tagging Organizations on Facebook

Mei Mei's Street Kitchen tags organizations they are teaming up with in posts

10.  #Hash it out: In a similar vein, Facebook has hashtags enabled and you might as well use them. Hashtags are a great tool for promoting a specific campaign you want to raise awareness of (like our own recent #GradeAndGetPaid). It’s a nice way to seamlessly connect Twitter and Facebook marketing efforts. Hashtags also help categorize your posts by topic, and while the popularity of Facebook hashtags isn’t exactly skyrocketing, you can search hashtag terms to discover fan conversations you may want to participate in.

Searching Facebook for Hashtags

Searching hashtags can help you discover competitors, generate ideas, monitor industry conversations, and more

11.  Share testimonials on Facebook. Testimonials are always powerful, and that rule continues on Facebook. However, it’s good to think outside the box when delivering testimonials on a social network. Rather than bland words, incorporate photos, videos, or other media.

Facebook marketing testimonials

Domino’s uses Twitter shout outs and rehashes them as visual testimonials

12.  Ask questions! Facebook users love to get their voices out and feel heard. Try incorporating questions or surveys into your posts for engagement. Keep the questions simple though – no one feels like filling out the SATs on Facebook.

ask questions on facebook

facebook marketing techniques

13.  Participate in fun themed posts: Joining in on weekly movements like #ThrowbackThursday or posting about goofy holidays gives you a chance to have fun with fans.

throw back thursday

National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day

14.  Share exclusive content for Facebook fans. Posting special, top secret content just for fans on Facebook adds a sense of exclusivity and belonging for your following. Post information or tidbits they might not find elsewhere.

Share Special Content on Facebook

15.  Share fan-created content. Sharing fan-made content is a great way to bolster a true sense of community among your followers. It shows that you care and makes fans feel valued and appreciated – who doesn’t want that?

Facebook marketing with fan content

M&Ms marks their fan-crafted content with a special seal before sharing it

Fan created content on facebook

16. Fill in the blanks. Another strategic post format to drive engagement is the fill in the _____ tactic. Users’ eyes are drawn to the _________, and getting eyeballs is half the battle. Make sure to incorporate a large colorful photo for added attention. Track your engagement metrics and see how the post performs!

Fill in the blanks

Disney is taking advantage of the fill in the blanks strategy while capitalizing on animated nostalgia and utilizing a bright, colorful image. A+

facebook marketing secrets

17.  Photo captions. Asking for users to provide a caption to an exciting or laugh-worthy photo is another smart strategy to drive interaction and engagement.

18.  Don’t quote me on this, but quotes rock. Posts involving inspiring or life-affirming quotes often perform very well. For an added bonus, attach a photo to your quote – even better, do Pinterest-style image/quote overlay. People eat that stuff up!

Quote Image Overlays

19.  Jump on the meme wagon: Memes work on the same principle as quotes, but with auto meme generators they are easier to create. Folks love ‘em though! We create our own PPC memes from time to time and they tend to do well.

Facebook Marketing Memes

20.  Have users “vote” with the Like and Share buttons. As we’ve said, people love to express their thoughts and opinions on Facebook. Sometimes they like it too much, but you might as well have those soapbox speakers benefit you! Ask users to choose option A or option B, with a vote for A as a “Like” and a vote for B as a “Share.” You’ll get some of both and will broaden your post reach and engagement a TON. The more controversial the topic, the more engagement you’ll be likely to see.

Voting on Facebook for Marketing

Walmart’s example found on Social Media Examiner is an especially good template to follow – they incorporated their brand and added a nice Like vs. Share overlay which lets us understand what’s being asked for, even without the post text.

We’ve delivered a healthy dose of Facebook advertising and Facebook marketing tips today. Try out some of these social strategies and report back – do you have a favorite trick of driving engagement on Facebook? Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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Friday January 31, 2014

David Weightman (not verified) Said:

I really love the tips that you have shared Megan. It really refreshed me the basics of social media most especially Facebook where most marketing enthusiasts are finding the hard time for engagement. Once you have put everything into consideration, you'll just be amazed on how your social media page will grow, thus making your business soar to its highest. I really look forward for more of your post! More power to you.

Friday January 31, 2014

Megan Marrs Said:

Thanks David, I'm really glad you enjoyed the article! It really is surprising sometimes to realize just how much you can do with Facebook - there are a TON of options that really allow you to experiment and work outside the box. 

Friday January 31, 2014

Maria Witwiky (not verified) Said:

If I had to rate this article in terms of "Content nad Quality" then it would be 10/10.

I really appreciate your research about facebook.

I am recently appraoch a company regarding facebook promotion for my website which is related to beauty products. Now, i will tell them more clearly what exactly i want for my website promotion.

Thanks a ton!!!! yessmiley


Friday January 31, 2014

Megan Marrs Said:

Wow, 10/10, thanks! :) Happy to help, good luck on the website promotion.

Friday January 31, 2014

Serge (not verified) Said:

Wow! This is an awesome list!

It's kind of hard to find that full and generalized piece of information. Plus, everything's detailed and explained.
I liked the tip about participating in fun posts discussions. This is really interesting advice. Since it's important to
interact with audience and communicate using conversational language, discussing such posts can do a favor. 
Great point!

Thanks a lot!

Friday January 31, 2014

Megan Marrs Said:

Thanks Serge! I don't see a ton of companies getting involved in stuff like #ThrowbackThursday but the ones that do seem to get really great engagement. I think participating in events like that also help foster a sense of community and belonging, which can always be powerful when building a brand identity.

Saturday February 01, 2014

Jackie (not verified) Said:

Hi Megan

Thanks so much for putting into clear and easy language what I should be doing on Facebook! I appreciate the time and effort that has gone into researching and writing this article. I can't wait to put it into action!


Monday February 03, 2014

George (not verified) Said:

All very useful stuff. Thanks for sharing Megan.


Tuesday February 04, 2014

Elena (not verified) Said:

Wow, what a precious collection of valuable tips! Using hashtags has always been overlooked. Although the activity of using hashtags still not as high as in Twitter, it doesn't hurt and it can help, though. #20 is interesting, about the voting. I've seen people do that but I've never thought about including the graphics like that. That's awesome! Thank you for sharing this huge valuable collection! laugh

Monday February 10, 2014

Megan Marrs Said:

You're welcome Elena! I hope some of these strategies can help you out. While hashatgs aren't so common on Facebook yet, there's nothing wrong with being a bit ahead of the curve.

Thursday February 06, 2014

Michael Bian (not verified) Said:

nice tips! very usefull.. Im glad I was able to read this.

Monday February 10, 2014

Phil Ryan (not verified) Said:

Great list guys! I really like the fill-in the blank and the picture caption ideas! 

Wednesday February 12, 2014

Megan Marrs Said:

Me too! Those are fun ones.

Thursday February 13, 2014

Video Converter (not verified) Said:

I learned a lot from you post. Many thanks.

Tuesday February 25, 2014

james (not verified) Said:

Thanks for sharing a good tips for FB advertisement. I would start the campign in facebook soon.

Friday February 28, 2014

Victorino Abrugar (not verified) Said:

Wow Megan! This is such a rich and comprehensive post for Facebook marketing tips. I love how you give us examples of images for the points you tacked in your article. This is one post that should be read by all marketers, especially those who want to leverage Facebook for their business.

Wednesday March 12, 2014

Megan Marrs Said:

Aw, thanks Victorino, I really appreciate that. Images always make it easier to clarify examples. Glad you liked it.

Sunday March 02, 2014

Sopno Chura (not verified) Said:

Really awesome facbook advertising with marketing tips. Its hard but well worked better than struggle.

Thanks for sharing.

Monday March 03, 2014

Pat Social (not verified) Said:

Use a social Media management system to schedule updates at regular intervals.

Wednesday March 05, 2014

Anonymous (not verified) Said:

Thank you!! I'm a small boutique always looking for new ideas! In your experience, is it better to edit an existing ad or creat new ads?

Wednesday March 12, 2014

Megan Marrs Said:

Probably create new ads - you want your ads to be customized for each campaign you're running, not copy and pasted. 

Sunday March 09, 2014

Sukhen Tanch (not verified) Said:

Man is mortal, but wordstream article's immortal for social media marketing skills and also internet marketing.

Thanks for sharing a future feature.

Wednesday March 12, 2014

Megan Marrs Said:

Haha, we are Gods! cheeky

Saturday March 15, 2014

David Avni (not verified) Said:

Just come across your website, this is the sort of facebook advertising tips i wanted to hear, thanks! :)

Thursday March 27, 2014

Martin (not verified) Said:

I use already some techniques. However I learnt new ones. Thre're always new  what you can implement to your business

Saturday March 29, 2014

George (not verified) Said:

Thanks for posting this Megan. I have been beginning to lose appeal for Facebook recently but this is making me change perhaps.

Sunday April 06, 2014

Megan (not verified) Said:

In Facebook metrics, how do I know what the default pixel tracking date is? i.e., 1 day, 7 days, 28 days, etc... and where to change that?

Wednesday April 16, 2014

Desmond (not verified) Said:

Thanks Megan !! This is not a post , I have bookmark this as one of my references for Facebook Marketing.  It's not a post 

it should be an ebook.  I am amazed at the amount of work you have put in on a post. Can share with me how do you do it ? 

Did you do this by yourself ?  I will share this with my group too ! 


Wednesday April 16, 2014

Sneha Agarwal (not verified) Said:

This article is really helpful for those who are freshers and don't know how to utilize their effort in best possible ways even on facebook. Its really vry effective for them...
Sneha Agarwal

Wednesday April 16, 2014

Anonymous (not verified) Said:

Nice content, but I really hate that you have used one of those annoying "don't leave here" popups on your blog. They're so desperate. I was just popping my curser up to save the article in my pocket to read later and now I kind of wish I hadn't. Food for thought. Let people leave when they want to.

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Derek Coito (not verified) Said:

Really great post I like the part you touched on about Changing you rcover photo to reflect a season for right, I make allot of sales on amazon with facebook fan pages on the holadays. thank derek

Monday April 28, 2014

Nathan Brook (not verified) Said:

These tips are really very useful for blog marketing. Developing community is the key aspect. You have shared all important points that keep in successful blog marketing.

Wednesday April 30, 2014

Swayam Das (not verified) Said:

Phew! This is quite an extensive article :-) Honestly no doubt the best. I got everything I wanted to know about the various techniques in facebook marketing right from this post.


Sunday May 04, 2014 (not verified) Said:

Simple tips but effective. Social media nowadays helps any businesses online a lot if you just know how to handle it in the right way.

Wednesday May 07, 2014

Bill (not verified) Said:

Thank you for sharing this. I am looking into a FB Ads campaign and it can be a bit overwhelming for a newbie. Your list of items surely helped. Thank you.



Wednesday May 07, 2014

Joshua Pompey (not verified) Said:

This is an oustanding article.  Does anyone know how exactly to create an ad like number 20?

Thursday May 08, 2014

Anonymous (not verified) Said:

Awesome article. One of the most comprehensive I have read on the subject of FB marketing, Bravo!

Saturday May 24, 2014

ritu (not verified) Said:

Awesome article.All great tips at one place.

just wanted to know you mentioned about like barrier - how to do it?

i want to create a like pop up on fb page is it possible?

Can you shed some light on fb page verification process and how to make fb do it fast?

thx a ton again


Monday June 30, 2014

Bryan (not verified) Said:



Nice read. This is really helpful. I have a problem though with regards to the 20% text in the ads that I make. Ad numbers 11, 13, 14 and 19 took more than 20% of text which basically covered the image but Facebook didn't took it down. Can you please help me?


Thank you so much. Keep on rockin'! 



Friday July 04, 2014

Jude E. (not verified) Said:

Your tips on FB promotion has been very very insightful. I just lauched a FB page and would need this great ideas to engage with my audience.

Thursday July 31, 2014

Debjyoti (not verified) Said:

Really helpful informaion for a newbie like me. About to a FB advt, but cancelled it to read some tips before

creating my first advt. and came across your website.  Now I can create the ad. in a much better way.

Saturday August 09, 2014

JT (not verified) Said:

Thanks a lot! This comprehensive.

Saturday August 16, 2014

Stephan (not verified) Said:

Interesting post, but you seem to be missing a really big part of the picture. Every time you promote a post Facebook changes your pricing structure, charging you more to reach the same amount of people. Back in June I used paid promotion and was offered a potential reach of 12 - 16k for $30, today FB are offering a potential reach of just 2100 - 3200 for the same money. Would really be interested in your thoughts/comments.

Thursday August 21, 2014

Viera (not verified) Said:

What an article.

Am sure i will try all these, facebook is not an easy one to use for marketing.


Saturday September 06, 2014

Tressa Christianson (not verified) Said:

Thanks for all the interesting ideas. Can't wait to share this with my son that is just beginning a campaign, I hope it also helps him. #profpg

Thursday September 18, 2014

Ralph Cabrera (not verified) Said:

I'm venturing on a business and was looking for ways promoting it online especially with Facebook. Glad to have found your post and i will try all of them to see which works. Thanks again!



Friday September 19, 2014

Troy Olson (not verified) Said:

Great tips! I am working with a couple partners openign a start up. We are looking to advertse on facebook. This list has given me some great tips and ideas going forward. #profpg

Saturday September 27, 2014

Nelly K (not verified) Said:


Just when i thought I knew it all! Great insights, refreshing read...thanks for sharing!

Friday October 17, 2014

George (not verified) Said:

Some good advice. But personally, I run away from anything that forces me to like them to get their "valuable content". If they want me as a customer, then make it easy to get the info I need.

Wednesday October 22, 2014

f5 the refresh (not verified) Said:

The blog was awesome. I enjoy to read this blog.It is very helpful and provide lot of information.Thanks for sharing this information.Thanks a lot.

Tuesday November 11, 2014

Andre (not verified) Said:

Great actionable tips on Facebook advertising.  This is probably the best combination of simple and effective information on Facebook advertising that I have read.  Thank you for this post!

Friday November 14, 2014

starnaija (not verified) Said:

i tried bost post, a 1$ ads yet i have about 500- 1000 estimated reach why?

Tuesday November 25, 2014

Vipul (not verified) Said:

thanks for sharing such idea We are try to do like this

Wednesday November 26, 2014

OMER FEYZOGLU (not verified) Said:

Having tried the facebook ads before its nice to go over the basics and some detailed tips as you suggest.

Its worth bookmarking this page to come back .

Thanks a lot

Monday December 08, 2014

Afroz Siddiqui (not verified) Said:

Good article. I will say that these steps are pretty much in line with other digital marketing strategies. 


Saturday December 13, 2014

rahul yadav (not verified) Said:

awesum site for the people who donno much abt the facebook tricks.. nice work done by u :) thanks for sharing such fb tricks :)

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