How to Create Video Ads & Mobile Ads in Google AdWords


This is the fourth post in a series on creating and analyzing Google AdWords ads. Previously in the series we’ve covered a variety of topics related to AdWords ads:

In today’s post, we’ll be focusing on how to create video ads and mobile ads via Google AdWords.

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Creating Video Ads with Google AdWords

The first step to creating a video or mobile ad is very similar to the way you would create an image or text ad. Go to the Ads tab and select “Video ad” or “WAP mobile ad” from the “New ad” dropdown menu:

Video Ads

We’ll start with video ads. The first choice you’re presented with is selecting a video ad template:

Video Ad Formats

The templates include:

  • YouTube Promoted Video Templates
  • In-Stream Video Ads
  • Click to Play Video
  • Expandable Video
  • InVideo Static Images

Here you can leverage YouTube content that’s a fit, or you can upload your video files for the different video ad network formats. As with image ads, the more formats you have ads created for, the more ad slots you can potentially fit your creative into.

You can also make use of Google’s own helpful guides on optimizing your video creative:

Creating Mobile Ads with Google AdWords

AdWords features such as Google’s click-to-call functionality help improve mobile advertising within your AdWords campaigns, but you can also use the AdWords platform to create a specific, mobile-focused ad. These ads are only a tip of the iceberg to Google's mobile product offerings.

With a text ad, you can create a specific ad for mobile, and target specific carriers:

WAP Mobile Ad

You can point these ads to a specific mobile landing page if your standard landing page isn’t optimized for mobile. You can also make similar mobile targeting adjustments within the networks and devices settings.

On the mobile image ad side, you can also point your ads to specific mobile landing pages and can exclude mobile carriers.

Additionally, within the Display Ad Builder you can create a specific kind of mobile ad called crossfade images, which allows you to rotate multiple images into a mobile display ad:

Crossfade Images Ad

This can often be a more engaging and better performing version of a mobile ad.

As with all ads and ad formats, however, the only way to truly tell if an ad is effective is to test and analyze. In our final installment of the Google AdWords ad series, we’ll cover how to analyze Google AdWords ads.

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Mar 28, 2012

Hi Tom,Thanks for the info.  Do I have to "qualify" in some manner with adwords to display a video ad?  this option does not come up when I click on "ads". I am in the USA.

Tom Demers
Apr 01, 2012

Hi Kirt, Nope you shouldn't need to qualify at all - you need to be within the Ad Group you're trying to add the ad to, and video ads can only show on the display network so you won't be able to add them to ad groups within a campaign that is targeting the search network only. If you're within an Ad Group that's eligible to show on the display network and still don't see the option you probably want to contact AdWords as you should definitely be able to. Good luck! Tom

Grainne Barron
Aug 21, 2012

HI, what a very good and resourceful site. Love the info graphic also. Well done. Could someone contact me - i'd love to use some of the FAQs and will of course publish source. Please let me know if i can do this. Thanks. 

Eli Geagea
May 10, 2015

Hi, I once encountered a video ad on a publication which appears in the middle of an article and after playing disappears. Does anyone know what type of ad is this and how can i implement it?

TNI Digital Solutions
Dec 19, 2017

Thanks for explaining things with images. This is a great resource for video and mobile ads.

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