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What’s a marketer or small business owner without ideas? Our marketing ideas blog posts cover everything from holiday marketing, to creative marketing, to low-budget marketing and much, much more. Get the inspiration you need for your next big, brilliant marketing idea. Then, learn time-honored strategies to go out into the world, execute, and drive results that really matter.

31 Fabulous Fashion Marketing Tips

The fashion industry is a highly crowded and competitive space. In order to stand out, your fashion marketing needs to be full on FABULOUS. Here are 31 tips to get you started!

Why You Need Customer Health Scoring (& How to Do It Right!)

Customer health scoring is essential to the long-term success of your SaaS company. Check out this guide to learn everything you need to know!

B2B vs B2C Marketing: 5 Differences Every Marketer Needs to Know

Most marketers would know that B2B and B2C marketing is different. Here, we cover the top five difference you need to know, including customer relationships, ad copy, and more!

The World’s Most Successful Marketers Are Doing These 8 Things

The world of marketing is always changing, but certain habits of successful, world-class marketers always stay the same. Larry Kim shares his top eight qualities of the world's best marketers, from T-shapes to testing and more!

Larry Kim
May 10, 2019 | Marketing Ideas

The Online Marketer’s Definitive Rulebook for Live Chat

Using live chat helps you reach your prospects and your customers when and where they need you—as long you're following the rules. Here's our complete live chat rulebook for online marketers, including tips on handling common questions, testing auto messages, and more!

3 Referral Marketing Strategies to Earn You More Customers

Referral marketing can help you stand out from your industry competition—as long as you do it effectively. Here’s everything you need to know to get started, including how to use scarcity marketing tactics, how to incentivize your customers to refer, and more!

What Marketers Can Learn from 5 Timeless Psych Experiments

From social proof to the fun principle, marketers can learn a lot from psychology experiments. Here are five marketing lessons you can learn from timeless psychology experiments that you can start using to improve your campaign performance today!

Guest Author
April 24, 2019 | Marketing Ideas

The Beginner’s Guide to Direct-to-Consumer Marketing

Direct-to-consumer businesses are changing the game, and to set your DTC business up for success, you need to make sure you're marketing your business the right way. Here's everything you need to know to get started with direct-to-consumer marketing.

Mary Lister
April 17, 2019 | Marketing Ideas

Automotive Marketing: 9 Strategies to Drive More Sales

Here are nine automotive marketing strategies to drive more sales.

How to Prevent XSS Attacks: What DoubleClick Advertisers Need to Know

Cross-site scripting issues, or XXS attacks, aren't new. But hackers have recently found new vulnerability in Display ads. Here's everything you need to know to prevent xxs attacks in your account.

15 SaaS Startup Growth Strategies to Try in 2019

Growth is everything to a new venture, but you can't just rely on the same old traditional marketing tactics. Here are 15 low-risk, high-yield growth strategies you can deploy today to start seeing results in no time.

Sujan Patel
March 4, 2019 | Marketing Ideas

The 9 Best Small Business Podcasts (and What They Taught Us)

Small business podcasts can provide accessible and actionable insights to people looking to grow their business. Check out the nine we love most!

Conor Bond
February 20, 2019 | Marketing Ideas

4 Times Marketing Cheaters Didn’t Prosper

Sometimes, brands, influencers, entertainers, and politicians try to gain an edge over their competition by inflating various statistics, from sales to savings to CPA. Here are four examples of times when cheating the metrics didn't work out.

Chris O'Keeffe
February 15, 2019 | Marketing Ideas

9 Tips for Better, Faster, Stronger Fitness Marketing

Whether it's a gym, a fitness app, or a health food ecommerce business, your business can use fitness marketing strategies to grow. Here are nine tips, from special intro offers to motivation campaigns and more.

Margot Whitney
January 17, 2019 | Marketing Ideas

6 Personal Branding Strategies Straight from Larry Kim

Larry Kim has built a massive platform through strategic personal branding. Here are six ways you can build your own personal brand, the Larry Kim way!

Margot Whitney
January 8, 2019 | Marketing Ideas

7 Brainstorming Techniques for More Productive Team Meetings

With the right brainstorming techniques, your marketing team meetings can be highly productive and fun. Check out this blog post to learn more!

Conor Bond
January 3, 2019 | Marketing Ideas

The 11 Best Marketing Strategies We Tried This Year

We talked to expert marketers to find out the best marketing strategies that everyone is planning to try in 2019, from chatbots to nontraditional social media marketing.

Sujan Patel
December 31, 2018 | Marketing Ideas

The 9 Biggest Online Advertising Stories of 2018

Online advertising in 2018 was one hell of a ride. From major re-brands to data scandals to targeting cutbacks—let’s dig into the headlines that made waves this year.

Gordon Donnelly
December 27, 2018 | Marketing Ideas

Scarcity Marketing: How to Make More by Making Less

Scarcity marketing is the idea of limiting the supply of a product to increase the demand. Here, we share examples of wildly successful scarcity marketing strategies.

Chris O'Keeffe
December 12, 2018 | Marketing Ideas

6 Cognitive Biases You Can Exploit to Boost Sales

Some cognitive biases are common enough that you can count on them to influence consumer behavior – and even include them in your marketing strategy. Here are six cognitive biases that you can use in your marketing strategy to boost sales.

Guest Author
December 6, 2018 | Marketing Ideas

6 Ways to Capture the Magic of Hyperbolic Discounting

Hyperbolic discounting refers to our preference for small, immediate rewards over large, delayed rewards. Learn how you can use it in your marketing strategy!

Conor Bond
November 28, 2018 | Marketing Ideas

8 Ways to Tell Your Most Compelling Brand Story

A brand story is key to differentiate your company from competitors and establish an brand identity that audiences will connect with. Here, we share eight tips from the experts to create your brand story.

Lisa Smith
November 8, 2018 | Marketing Ideas

9 Examples of Inbound Marketing that Gets Customers

Inbound marketing is the art of driving prospects to your website and securing conversions from there. Check out our blog to learn about nine killer examples!

Conor Bond
November 5, 2018 | Marketing Ideas

5 Things You Need to Know About Beacon Technology

Beacon technology has come a long way since its debut in 2013 and is expected to keep on growing. Here, we discuss how you can benefit by using beacon technology in your own marketing strategy.

Guest Author
October 4, 2018 | Marketing Ideas

So Long, Google Feed; Hello, Google Discover

It's official: Google Feed is gone, and in its place stand Google Discover. Check out our full rundown on Google Discover, including what it is, how it differs from the feed, and how it could just mark a larger shift in search.

Gordon Donnelly
September 28, 2018 | Marketing Ideas

Doing Conversational Marketing with Chatbots? Here Are 5 Mistakes to Avoid

In this post, we walk you through conversational marketing mistakes you need to avoid as a business of any size. We also provide actionable ways to implement chatbots into your current digital strategies. Check out our top 5 mistakes to avoid when using chatbots in conversational marketing.

Brett McHale
September 14, 2018 | Marketing Ideas

10 Smart Hotel Marketing Strategies to Increase Bookings

The biggest challenge in hotel marketing is competition. How do you stand out from the sea of other hotels, not to mention options like Airbnb? We've got you covered with ten simple and effective hotel marketing and advertising strategies.

Margot Whitney
September 7, 2018 | Marketing Ideas