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Paid search marketing is a critical tool for any marketer or small business owner. But it’s not easy. From navigating the world of bidding, to writing ad copy that resonates, to setting up Google Ads conversion tracking and more: there are a lot of skills that fall under the paid search marketing umbrella. At WordStream, we’re here to help you refine those skills. Check out our paid search marketing blogs and get the knowledge you need to succeed.

Average Cost per Click by Country: Where in the World Are the Highest CPCs?

Location, location, location! In search, we know that users search for different things in different states and that the average cost per click advertisers pay differs by state too. In this post, we rank 97 countries in order of highest average cost per click to lowest average cost per click.

Law Firm Marketing: 9 Tips for Winning More Clients with PPC

Law is one of the most challenging and expensive industries to market, but your firm won't survive without a steady flow of new leads and clients. Follow these 9 marketing tips for law firm and lawyers to win more clients with AdWords.

7 Ways to Ruin Your AdWords Campaigns

In today's post, guest author Tamar Weinberg outlines seven ways you could potentially ruin your AdWords account, as well as tips to avoid them.

6 Ways to Learn Google Ads Without Getting Certified

There are plenty of ways to get to grips with Google Ads! Some of these resources focus primarily on the basics, whereas others deal with a mix of beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics--so there’s something for everyone!

PPC Worst Practices: 5 "Smart" Strategies That Are Actually Dumb

Some supposed best practices in PPC are actually worst practices! Don't commit these five outdated paid search sins.

Bidding on Competitors’ Brands: Pros, Cons & Common Mistakes

Do you bid on your competitors' brand searches in AdWords? This is a powerful online advertising strategy, but make sure you know the pros and cons of competitive bidding, and don't make these common mistakes.

The Most (& Least) Expensive States for PPC – New Data

What's the average PPC cost in your state? A new infographic from WordStream reveals the average CPC in all 50 US states.

6 Shocking Things Google Revealed About the Future of AdWords at SMX

Google's VP of Product Management, Jerry Dischler, revealed some shocking changes coming to AdWords at SMX Advanced in Seattle. Find out the 6 most impactful things to stay ahead of your competition.

AdWords Is a Game. Here’s How to Win

As Larry Kim once said, AdWords is just a game. It is - and you can win AdWords by recognizing who your real competition is.

3 Common AdWords Ad Disapprovals That Have Nothing to Do With the Advertiser

Google can be ruthless when it comes to AdWords ad disapprovals - but it's not always the fault of the advertiser.

Ask the Experts: What’s the Perfect Way to Structure an AdWords Account?

What's the perfect way to structure an AdWords account? WordStream's Margot da Cunha tells you everything you need to know in the latest installment of "Ask the Experts."

Using Emojis in Ad Text Boosts CTR!

WordStream's resident data scientist Mark Irvine discovered that some advertisers have been including emojis in their ad text. Here's why it's a great idea.

International PPC: 3 Reasons You Can’t Afford NOT to Go International

We live in an increasingly shrinking world, and it’s become easier than ever to be an international vendor. Depending on what threshold value you use to calculate “ecommerce” there’s between 110,000 and 24 million ecommerce sites in the world, but only a fraction of them truly serve an international audience.

Google Testing New Keyword Planner Interface?

If you work in AdWords then you know what the Keyword Planner tool looks like and how it functions - but Google is testing a fresh new interface.

Does Google Ads Work? (Spoiler Alert: YES)

Does Google AdWords work? We believe almost any business can make AdWords work for them. If you've lost faith in PPC, check out the four most common arguments along with our counterarguments that prove Google AdWords really does work to drive ROI.

7 AdWords Shortcuts to Save You Time & Simplify Your Life

Looking to save time on AdWords management? These seven AdWords shortcuts will simplify your life and shave hours off your work week.

Ask the Experts: What Is Dynamic Keyword Insertion?

In WordStream's latest Ask the Experts video, Erin Sagin explains what dynamic keyword insertion is, and when it can and should be used by AdWords advertisers.

The 10 Types of Business that MUST Use Call Tracking

The average conversion rate for prospect calls is 25%. Should you be tracking calls in your industry vertical? Find out!

7 Ways to Write Super-Effective Google Ads (with Real Examples)

Writing Google ads can be extremely frustrating. You need to fit all your ad copy into such a tiny space. How do you do it? Learn some proven tactics to writing amazing Google ads that bring you higher click-through rates and Quality Scores.

6 Times Taylor Swift Got PPC Right

There are lots of ways to learn PPC, but sometimes I like to listen to my music collection for inspiration instead. In fact, I always have my Spotify cued up for tunes at work. It’s all about reading in between the lines – I had no idea T. Swift was so knowledgeable about PPC!

3 PPC Strategies to Out-Sell Your Home & Garden Competition

Spring has finally arrived, and home owners are updating! Home improvement advertisers need to be prepared. Follow these 3 PPC strategies to out-sell your competition.

YouTube TrueView Ads Can Now Include Interactive ‘Cards’

YouTube’s TrueView ads will now allow advertisers to display cards showing additional images, videos, CTA’s and even the ability to direct leads to their website.

Who’s Afraid of Big Bad Broad Match? The Anti-Hero of Keyword Match Types

The broad match type often gets written off as the villain in PPC. Here's why it can pay to take a chance on the antihero of keyword match types.

3 Game-Changing PPC Tips for Un-Glamorous SaaS Offerings

Bringing in qualified leads through PPC is especially challenging for SaaS marketers. Follow these 3 tips to attract and convert new business!

Ask the Experts: Intro to Negative Keyword Match Types

Negative keyword match types can be confusing to newcomers to paid search. In our second Ask the Experts video, Erin Sagin explains how to use each of the three major negative match types.

Where AdWords Website Call Conversions Can Go Wrong

If you use a single Google AdWords account to manage multiple websites, your website call conversions set up is probably broken. Learn the workaround to fix it.

Is Quality Score REALLY Just Click-Through Rate?

I have heard speculations as high as 60%. However, if that were true, it would not explain why you see keywords with a great CTR and only a mediocre Quality Score. Of course, the real answer is much more complicated.