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Paid search marketing is a critical tool for any marketer or small business owner. But it’s not easy. From navigating the world of bidding, to writing ad copy that resonates, to setting up Google Ads conversion tracking and more: there are a lot of skills that fall under the paid search marketing umbrella. At WordStream, we’re here to help you refine those skills. Check out our paid search marketing blogs and get the knowledge you need to succeed.

Spring Cleaning! 4 PPC Account Audit Tips To Save You Money

It’s that time of year again. You’re pulling out your colorful shorts and lighter sweaters. You’re looking at your disaster of a pantry and asking yourself if you should impulsively buy that labeler.

Google Adds NEW Interactive Ad Format Targeting Gamers

AdWords just released a brand-new, interactive ad format just for game developers. Get the lowdown here!

3 Weeks After Google Killed Side Ads, Here Are 5 More Takeaways

Wondering how the death of the right side ads will impact your account? Check out these new trends spotted by SEM data scientists!

29 PPC Tools You Need to Try This Year

Even monkeys use tools to get their jobs done faster! Here are Larry Kim's 29 favorite PPC tools to try this year for increased productivity and higher performing PPC campaigns.

Still Confused About Google’s Recent Changes? Erin Sagin Explains [VIDEO]

Still confused about Google's recent SERP shakeup? Right-side ads are gone, but how will it affect your campaigns? We explain in a quick video.

The New Google SERP: 3 Changes & 3 Things That Haven’t Changed…Yet

Google just unrolled the biggest change to the SERP in years. How is the loss of right sidebar ads affecting CTR, CPC, paid ad inventory and more? Check out the early data...

Mark Irvine
February 23, 2016 | Paid Search Marketing

Google Kills Off Side Ads: What You Need to Know

Google changed history by announcing that ads will no longer appear in the right sidebar next to search results. What does the change mean for you?

Larry Kim
February 22, 2016 | Paid Search Marketing

Google Ads Benchmarks for YOUR Industry [Updated!]

We all want to create unicorn ads that have the highest CTRs and the best conversion rates. But a good metric for one industry isn’t necessarily good for another. What numbers should you be looking to beat in your industry? We dug into our data.

Do You Know Who Your Competitors Are? The 5 W’s of PPC Competitor Analysis

Do you need to do competitor analysis for PPC? YES! Find out how - plus when, why, who your competitors are, what tools to use for competitive analysis and more...

Maddie Cary
February 17, 2016 | Paid Search Marketing

Harness the Power of Google Ratings

Learn the difference between Google seller ratings and product ratings and how to make the most of both for better performing AdWords campaigns.

How to Use Google Ads Search Partners Data to Improve Your Campaigns

Far too many account managers include search partners without understanding the impact they can have. Learn exactly how these affect your bottom line!

The New AdWords App for Apple iOS: 5 Things You Need to Know Right Now

Rejoice, search marketers! Google recently announced the launch of its AdWords app for iOS. Here's everything you need to know about the app.

Larry Kim
January 29, 2016 | Paid Search Marketing

Cracking the Code on Gmail Ads: My 7 Best Tips

Gmail Ads, formerly known as Gmail sponsored promotions, are an awesomely effective way to reach new customers - if you do them right! Here are my best tips for mastering Gmail Ads, including tips to increase your open rates and reach your competitors’ customers.

Larry Kim
January 29, 2016 | Paid Search Marketing

The Art & Science of Call-Only Ads

Why sit around waiting for the phone to ring? Google AdWords Call-Only Ads are an awesome way to drive calls to your business. Here's how...

The 21 Best PPC Marketing Articles of the Year

2015 has been an incredible year in paid search. In this blog post, Larry Kim outlines his recommendations of the 21 must-read PPC marketing articles from the past year.

Larry Kim
December 30, 2015 | Paid Search Marketing

To Spy or Not to Spy: 3 Reasons Not to Ignore Your AdWords Competitors

Focusing on your own business should be your top priority, but ignore your AdWords competition at your peril. In this guest post, Joe Putnam of iSpionage explains why competitive intelligence is so important.

You Might Hate It, But AdWords’ Smart Goals Are Pretty Cool for Certain Advertisers

There have been a lot of complaints, but new AdWords smart goals are much better than the alternative: not tracking conversion data at all. Here's why.

Should I Use Google Ads? +Tips for Every Industry

Should I use Google Ads? The answer is always yes! Don't believe me? This guide will address common hesitations, highlight important benefits, and provide industry-specific tips with regard to Google Ads.

4 Hacks to Supercharge Your Search & Social Marketing with an Email List

Get 10x more out of your email marketing lists using these 4 creative hacks to repurpose an email list for search and social marketing.

Mark Irvine
November 24, 2015 | Paid Search Marketing

3 Ways to Win Cyber Monday with PPC

Cyber Monday is the biggest day of the year for internet retailers.We're sharing the last-minute touches you should implement to make the most of it!

7 Ways to Personalize Your PPC Strategy

One-third of marketers see personalization as the most important capability to the future of marketing! Here are 7 ways to personalize your PPC strategy.

10 Ways to Succeed with Google Call-Only Campaigns

Call-only campaigns are crucial in a mobile-first world, especially if phone calls are your business’s most important lead type. Follow these 10 tips to ensure your call-only ads are optimized and you're getting the most out of your Google AdWords Call-Only campaigns.

The 4 Emotions that Make the Best Emotional Ads [DATA]

Emotional ads significantly out-perform bland, boring ads, but which emotions pack the biggest punch? Do happy, positive ads work better than ads that feed on negative emotions? Find out the top four click-driving emotions for ads in this data-backed post!

3 Ways a Small Business Can Compete with the Big Guys in PPC [DATA]

Small businesses CAN compete with the big guys in PPC! Learn PPC management strategies that work even if you have a small budget.

How to Use Google Ads’ Customer Match: The Ultimate Guide

Customer Match is an awesome way to reach a targeted list of prospects with your AdWords ads. Check out our step-by-step guide to setting up Customer Match targeting for campaigns on the Search Network in Google AdWords.

How Dopamine Can 3X Your AdWords CTR

Dopamine is the Kim Kardashian of molecules! Learn how you can spike the dopamine in your customers' brains to entice them to click on your ads and 3X your AdWords CTR!

Our Top 10 Best Holiday Marketing Strategies EVER!

It's never too soon to start thinking about your holiday marketing strategy. In this post, we outline our top 10 holiday marketing tips that you can implement right now.