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Auto Insurance Marketing Tips and Tricks

Have you ever noticed that all the major insurance companies ‒ Progressive, State Farm, Geico, Allstate – go the funny route with their TV advertisements? Progressive has Flo. State Farm has J.K. Simmons. Geico has the silky smooth geck. Allstate has Mayhem. Those funny TV ads are far from cheap, and you gotta wonder: how effective are they in persuading prospects to buy car insurance? What’s the ROI for Allstate on Dean Winters’ stunt double throwing himself down a flight of stairs? Does insurance marketing need to be expensive?

According to Google, yes. CPCs for insurance-related keywords are astronomical – on the order of $55, if you wanna get exact with it. So, even if you’re not an insurance giant spending boatloads of money for a cheeky reptile to be the face of your company, your marketing efforts are going to be costly. Fortunately for you, WordStream has some knowledge to drop about online advertising tactics in this highly competitive industry.

First, get around those insane CPCs using some trusty remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA). For those who use this strategy, whenever a prospect who’s been assigned to your remarketing list searches something that matches one of your keywords, you’re allowed to adjust your bid in AdWords. For example, let’s say someone ends up on your site during a preliminary search for a car insurance quote. Eventually, the bounce. Thanks to RLSA, rather than remarketing via the display network and catching that prospect when they have no interest in buying car insurance, you can bid up when they once again search your keyword. This gives you an advantage in capturing a high-intent prospect.

One of the challenges of going up against huge brands in paid search is that you can’t use the power of their names in your ad copy. As a result, your ads appear bland next to those of your biggest competitors. Instead, try tapping into the power of positivity! In 2017, WordStream investigated successful ad copy to determine what exactly makes it work well. One key finding: nearly half of the most successful search ads used positivity in their ad copy. Experiment with different ways of injecting positive emotion into your ads and see how they perform!

Ad creative is not a one-size-fits-all type of deal; driving high conversion rates depends on the ability to gather demographic data and tailor your creative direction to best suit your targets. So, if you use the AdWords demographic functions and determine that your ads convert best among women between the ages of 40 and 60, you know to scrap the creative ideas you developed for boys aged 12-18. Failing to refine your creative according to your target demographic is akin to throwing money out the window – especially when you’re showing for keywords with CPCs over 50 bucks.

Finally, if you can’t go any higher with your already expensive keyword bids, improve your ranking in the organic search results with some tried and true SEO practices. Creating great content – a short cartoon, some customer testimonials – is never a bad idea. It will drive more traffic to your site, give you more opportunities to capture leads, and attach some personality to your brand. On top of that, make sure your site is mobile friendly and super easy to navigate. As time goes on, your prospects are spending more and more time on mobile – give them the fast, easy experience they need.

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