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Jobs Marketing Tips and Tricks

Marketers in the job hunting industry have a pretty huge advantage over those in other industries: nearly every single adult wants and needs a job. We all want jobs because they make us feel productive, proud, and (at least somewhat) personally fulfilled. We all need jobs because ordering a small iced coffee and a bite-sized blueberry muffin basically requires opening a new line of credit.

And the muffin’s not even good.

However—although the demand for job hunting help is constant and massive, the marketing landscape is crazy competitive. Differentiating your company from all the rest is no easy task, especially if you don’t have the time to teach yourself the ins and outs of online advertising. Fortunately, we’re here to provide the insights you need to make the most efficient use of your marketing budget.

Unemployment—whether you’re transitioning from one job to another or you’ve been laid off for several months—is beyond stressful. If you’re advertising a job listings website, you need to keep your prospects’ emotions in mind. When writing ad headlines, match the urgency of your prospects by providing the solutions they need. “Land Your Dream Job Today” will drive more clicks than “Looking for Your Dream Job?” because the former claims to solve the problem whereas the latter simply restates the problem. Further, be sure to empathize with job hunters in your ad descriptions. One idea for emotional connection: “Stress no more. We’re here to help you find your dream job and succeed even more than you have in the past.”

As we said earlier, job hunt marketers are up against fierce competition. This makes keyword research particularly important. Keywords like “career” and “job search” may seem attractive for their ability to drive high search volumes, but you must be cautious with them. It’s incredibly hard to achieve a top ad position for these broad keywords, and even if you do, you have to pay a lot of money to stay there. So, job hunt marketers need to conduct some long-tail keyword research and find narrower, more specific keywords to bid on. For instance, although “entry level software sales job” won’t drive a ton of impressions, you can rest assured that your ads will be prominent enough to drive relevant clicks—and that the clicks won’t be crazy expensive.

Unfortunately, a lot of job hunters don’t find success quickly. Unemployment can last for a while, and your prospects will likely need to conduct many searches before landing an opportunity. In order to stay ahead of your competition during this long process, you need to remarket to your prospects. Google Display Network (GDN) remarketing allows you to target job hunters who have previously visited your website while they go about their daily Internet habits. With this tactic, you can keep your brand on prospects’ minds such that they think of you the next time they search for job listings.

There’s a second way you can go about it: remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA). RLSA enables you to increase your bid on a given keyword when a remarketing prospect includes it in a search query. Placing a higher maximum bid on a keyword increases your chances of attaining a top ad position. So, in effect, RLSA allows you to turn up the heat when your opportunity for converting a prospect is greatest.

A final tip: incentivize job hunters to refer their friends and family to your site. You can offer your email subscribers premium job listing alerts if they send a referral link to a certain number of people. This is a great way to drive unique traffic to your website and incorporate your customer growth into your business model.

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