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Poker Marketing Tips and Tricks

An effective marketing strategy for your poker business requires some effort, but it’s nothing you can’t achieve. You have a lot of competition, but you also have this list of industry relevant keywords to get the ball rolling. A superior marketing strategy is more than just some strong keyword research, and it can provide your business with the extra edge it needs to set itself apart from the competition.

Keyword research is not only your first step towards edging out your competition and driving leads to your business, but it’s the first step in understanding your target market a little better (while boosting SEO). What are they most frequently searching for? Which of those popular keywords and search terms can your business help them with? These are all questions you should ask yourself while you’re deciding which keywords to bet on and throughout the entire process of maximizing your SEO.

Once you’ve established the most relevant industry keywords for your specific business, commit to including them throughout all the steps in your customer’s journey to you. From your ad copy on search engines to the content on your website, consistency is key. Make the process of finding what users searched for as seamless as possible by directing searchers to landing pages that most appropriately match intent. In other words, if your ad comes up for slot machines searches, make sure the landing page doesn’t direct them to your roulette page. Bidding on brand-terms is a great way to get your ads in front of a relevant audience, but keep in mind that savvy competitors will outbid you on your own keywords if you let them.

Beyond PPC specifics, there’s a lot more you can do to market your business and promote its success. It all starts with the people that make it all possible; your customers. Implementing a customer-centric focus in your marketing efforts will only benefit all parties involved. By getting to know your customers and their needs, you’ll get a better idea of how to effectively market to your audience, and they’ll trust your brand more to advocate for and repeat their business.

It’s safe to say poker businesses have a lot of repeat customers, so leveraging the power of remarketing is in your best interest. You can implement email marketing campaigns into your marketing strategy, promote repeat customer rewards and advantages, referral programs, or even ambassador programs. Make sure your website has a space for customer reviews, and practice putting the customer’s needs first by conducting surveys on improving your service and customer experience. You could even create a system where customers can rack up points for every visit. In an industry where remarketing can drive significant returns for your business, these efforts can all support repeated business through promoting a positive brand image and rewarding customer loyalty.

Social media can be an extra aid in humanizing your brand, making it more accessible/engaging, and putting it in front of your audience as much as possible. Take advantage of tools that can create certain audiences through demographic segmenting or targeting locations; the possibilities are endless. Not only does social media give you the opportunity to engage with your customers in real-time, but it can help you target potential users and track patterns in their behaviors. Social media can be your best friend, so get to know it really, really well.

For more poker marketing tips, tricks, and trends, check out the WordStream blog.

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