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Here at WordStream, we know a thing or two about social media. And it’s not a bad idea to be knowledgeable about it, either: social media has become as ubiquitous and necessary as air. At this point, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are basically utilities. Opening the Facebook app is like flipping a lightswitch.

Not convinced? Allow us to share a few statistics.

68% of American adults are on Facebook. Every day, 100 million hours of Facebook video content are watched. YouTube’s mobile platform alone (Mobile? We’re not talking about desktop. We’re talking about mobile?) reaches more people within the 18-34 age demographic than any American cable network. Over 400 million Snapchats are sent every day.

Need we go on? The point should be clear by now: social media marketing – in tandem with focused paid social campaigns and great SEO practices – is essential to the success of any business in 2018. So, how should an advertiser go about it?

First things first: identify your objectives as a business and plan your social campaigns accordingly. Do you want to drive traffic? Increase conversions? Reach the people near your business? It is a huge (and common) mistake to blindly charge into social media marketing without clear ideas about structure and goals. To do so leads only to disorganization and waste.

Secondly, use the strongest ad copy from your paid search campaigns and use these on social. This strategy is advantageous in a couple ways.

One: you need great ad copy to attract engagement, and you need engagement to improve your quality score. Social ranking works similarly to search ranking. If you create compelling ads, you will be rewarded with higher ranking, which leads to greater brand visibility and higher CTRs. Tangentially, narrowing your targets (not to the point that your audience is tiny, though) is a surefire way to increase engagement rates, increase quality score, and reduce cost per conversion.

Two: using your strongest paid search copy in your social ads creates consistent brand messaging across platforms. A consistent brand is a recognizable brand, and a recognizable brand is a strong brand.

The same logic underpins out next piece of advice: make your paid social campaigns visually and verbally cohesive. What does that mean? Basically, make sure the images and messages of your ads transfer over to your landing pages. If your social ad is appealing enough to attract a click, but the landing page is completely different in its design and its messaging, the visitor is going to feel disoriented and lost. This will likely result in a forgone lead and a lower conversion rate.

Alternatively, you can forgo landing pages altogether. After all, many a lead is lost at the landing page – it’s a tricky section of the funnel. If a lot of your targets use social media on mobile devices (they do), you can circumvent the landing page stage by putting a “Call Now” button on your ads. This way, anyone with interest in your product or service can interact with the business immediately.

Finally, you should take advantage of hashtags – for several reasons. First, a hashtag is an easy and effective way to flag your content as relevant whenever the subject of the hashtag is searched. In a sense, your targets come to you. Plus, appropriate use of hashtags is a great strategy to build a cross-channel community out of your most loyal and committed followers. They feel encouraged to promote your brand through their content; in turn, your brand becomes more visible to their social networks and the community grows in a virtuous, expanding cycle.

For more information about paid social, paid search, and SEO, check out the WordStream blog.

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