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Accounting Marketing Tips and Tricks

For players of all sizes within the accounting industry, marketing requires both expert knowledge in the field and an agile approach to lead generating efforts. Consistent exposure can get the ball rolling, but driving more conversions is all about presenting your brand to your most worthwhile audience in a way that’s favorable for all parties involved.

Let’s face it, the majority of people searching for accounting services don’t necessarily have any expertise in accounting practices themselves, hence, it’s more important to communicate the benefits you can provide the customer with rather than the features your product/service can offer. Rather, focus more on advertising how a purchase from you can improve your customers quality of life over the capabilities that make such benefits possible.

Think about the way you communicate with potential leads, and learn how to speak their language. What are the most common searches surrounding your industry? Capitalizing on those frequently searched questions through search engine optimization is a great way to ensure the right traffic makes it way to your site. Focusing on the details in search queries and keywords can help you understand the thought processes behind the people that make up your target market, and weed out those with lower levels of interest.

Once you have a solid understanding of your target demographic, create customer buying personas and tailor your marketing to each subgroup to save time and money. There are numerous ways to optimize the exposure of your advertising, from geo-targeting for free to sending specific ads to lists of people who have expressed interest in similar services on social media. Remarketing efforts can also help you nurture the interest of fast-paced consumers without overlooking their value. Both Google and Facebook have ways to target remarketing efforts specifically towards people that visited your website/social media profile, or those that briefly clicked on an ad in the past, and draw them back in at the best time.

If you have a solid grasp on the behaviors and characteristics of your target market, approach them from all angles. Accounting doesn’t seem like a hot topic on social media, but consumers are using social media more and more often to aid them in their purchasing decisions. Having an active presence on multiple social media platforms extends your reach and can even help you acquire more addresses for email campaigns.

The best email campaigns combine their advertising and promotions with offering different types of value for people on the receiving end that might not be ready to convert. Don’t clog receivers inboxes with reminders and offers, but don’t sit too passively to the point of being forgotten. Diversify the content of your messages with things like industry news/updates, product offerings, and further tools and resources. Include clear CTA’s, and provide a level of personalization by making sure there’s a real human name in both the sending and receiving lines of the email. CTA’s don’t have to exclusively lead to purchasing processes, so drive more traffic by linking to valuable and educational content on your site.

What types of content should your emails and social media be linking to, you ask? You’re the expert! Think about your customers most burning questions and areas of confusion, and establish your expertise by providing educational content on the topics. Becoming a reputable source for industry specific information isn’t just a great way to build a trusted reputation with leads, but it also directly benefits your SEO by bulking up the content on your site.

Don’t underestimate the weight of customer reviews and rankings, and consider displaying customer testimonials on your website. People really value the opinions of others that were once in their shoes in the buying process, so let them do the talking.

For more accounting marketing tips, tricks, and trends, check out the WordStream blog.

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