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Technology Marketing Tips and Tricks

In order to stand out in the technology industry, you’ll need a top-notch marketing strategy. No, that doesn’t just mean a good looking website, and yes, it’s possible to achieve it without emptying the bank.

Don’t be afraid to really dive into your keyword research, because we’ve already done a lot of it for you! Having the right keywords on your list can give your business the boost it needs to be noticed across crowded and competitive search engines, so don’t overlook the value of strong SEO.

Marketing for technology companies can be tricky, and a lot of the time even worthwhile leads don’t yet fully understand the value of your offerings. To combat this gap, marketing initiatives should include a significant commitment to educating your audience in order to turn leads into customers. Becoming a reliable source for professional but also digestible information can be a content-heavy feat, but when it’s done correctly, it builds the foundation for a lasting relationship with customers. Building content isn’t just to educate your audience, it also helps you rank higher in search engines to grow your relevance and reach.

So, what types of content are worth the carpal tunnel? It’s important to keep content fairly relevant to your company’s industry and customer needs, but don’t be afraid to diversify your blog and widen your reach even further. Publish content regularly, and stay up-to-date on industry news and trends to ensure sure you’re a reputable source of information.

Once you’ve put together some decent content to drive more traffic to your website, it’s time to focus on turning those blog visitors into real leads. If you’re not doing so already, there’s a couple of ways you can use your marketing to do this. A simple email sign up to view particular content on your site is a great way to grab someone’s email with little effort and no chasing on your end.

You’re on a roll, don’t stop your emailing there! Use that list of emails to fill a bigger list of subscribers and start regularly sending them things like content, news, company announcements, or maybe even product spotlights. Whatever the details of your email campaigns may be, the goal is to stay relevant in the minds of potential leads and remarket to past customers. Email initiatives are relatively inexpensive, and can go a long way in broadening your reach and turning potential leads into happy customers.

You can also use those same email lists later to leverage the power of remarketing in your campaigns. By paying attention to what customers liked most about your product through feedback and reviews, you can spend your time remarketing appropriately to the most satisfied customers, or use it to aid you in improving that not-so-satisfied-customer’s experience.


Creating buyer personas can also be an extremely valuable tool for any company looking to up their marketing game. It’s as simple as segmenting your market into smaller subgroups, which are basically generalized customers presented as a few fictional characters, based off of market research and purchasing habits. From there, you can organize your marketing more efficiently and personalized, and give your campaigns the most worthwhile audience they can get.

For more technology marketing tips, tricks, and trends, check out the WordStream blog.

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