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Pharmaceutical Marketing Tips and Tricks

Players in the pharmaceutical industry aren’t only competing with tons of brands for attention, but they’re faced with chasing a higher baseline of trust from their consumers. Rules and regulations can make marketing for pharmaceuticals is a little bit of a different beast than most, but the ultimate goal of brand exposure and engagement remains the same. Considering the sheer amount of competition for marketers in the world of pharmaceuticals, a comprehensive and competitive marketing strategy is a must.

Knowing where your audience lives on the internet is the first step in optimizing your marketing and advertising efforts. When people start experiencing medical symptoms, their first move is almost always an internet search for diagnosis and assistance, so showing up where/when your consumers need you should be your primary goal. For example, 53% of hehealthcare-relatedearches are from smartphones, so a mobile-friendly web experience is necessary to reach your audience. This kind of knowledge is exactly what your brand needs to make sure it’s getting in front of your most worthwhile audience.

Optimizing your SEO with extensive keyword research is a great way to get the ball rolling, and our list is a solid place to start! What are the most common symptoms of issues your products can relieve? How are consumers searching for solutions? What are some names of commonly known competitors? With answers to questions like these, you can get an even better idea of the way people will be looking for your brand and brands alike, and see how you can bid on high-intent keywords to help drive more sales. Once you’re doing what you can to get in front of your leads and potential customers, your message should be clear and concise to keep them around.

Searching for medical assistance can be overwhelming for a lot of people. The options are endless, and the messages are often confusing to understand. Make your brand stand out by offering a clear and concise value proposition, and making the purpose of your product the first thing consumers see. Proudly advertise any recognition or recommendations from trusted physicians or publications, and make building trust with your consumers your top priority. For all marketing efforts, building trust with consumers is part of the goal, but for pharmaceuticals, it’s the difference maker in a lot of decision processes.

Effectively knowing your market means more than understanding patterns in their search queries, so really invest in getting involved in communities and conversations of both patients and physicians alike. Get involved in conversations to understand the inner workings of your market, and invest in a content marketing strategy to differentiate your brand. Producing knowledgeable and educated content is a great way to establish trust and recognition with your brand, so start writing! Create content aimed at patients, physicians, caregivers, and anyone else involved in the buyer’s journey. Content can help humanize your brand and  establish it as safe and reputable within the community, which could end up being the differentiating factor in a customer’s decision process.

So with such high volumes of competition, what else can you do to give your brand the extra edge? Yes, SEO and website optimization are necessary, but simpler promotional efforts shouldn’t be lost in the mix. Help your brand become a household vitamin cabinet name by giving physicians that trust/promote your brand promotional material (like mugs, pens, pill boxes, etc.) to display in their offices or give to patients. Make your logo clear and eye catching, but most importantly consistent in order to aid efforts to become recognizable. Not only do these efforts work to increase exposure, they’ll keep your brand at the top of physicians minds when they’re treating patients and offering recommendations for treatments.

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