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Coffee Marketing Tips and Tricks

It seems that with every new day comes a ground-breaking revelation about coffee consumption. Yesterday, experts told us that four cups a day could decrease our risk of heart disease. Tomorrow, headlines will read: “How Facebook Uses Your Coffee Order to Keep You Subservient to the Man.”

Here’s the thing about coffee, though: it’s undefeated. You can’t make us stop drinking the stuff. The WordStream office is located in Boston, and if you stand outside for long enough with a Dunkin’ cup in your hand, an Affleck brother will eventually walk by and yell at you incoherently. That right there is the power of coffee.

But, don’t get it twisted. Our addiction loyalty to coffee doesn’t let marketers off the hook. That’s why we’re here to give you some tips and tricks for advertising in the coffee industry.

According to Reuters, U.S. coffee consumption is at its highest level since 2012: 64% of American adults report having had a cup of coffee the previous day. Nearly 80% of respondents say they consumed that cup at home, whereas only 36% drank it elsewhere. However, age is a crucial factor: nearly 50% of millennials report that their most recent cup of joe was gourmet. This descriptor likely refers to cold brew and espresso drinks.

These stats seem to provide two paradoxical insights: coffee drinkers prefer to make it themselves, but the fancy stuff is increasingly popular.

So, how do you navigate that? With focused targets, of course! If you’re marketing a product for at-home coffee production – like a machine or packaged grounds – it’s probably wise to skew a little bit older. On the other hand, whether you’re a local coffee shop or a large chain, marketing gourmet drinks should probably target teenagers and millennials. Remember, these younger demographics want to connect and engage with the brands they support. A great way to accomplish that is to cultivate an interactive and visually-grounded social media presence across your platforms. Complement your beautiful pictures with creative hashtags to help you build a community and expand your brand reach!

One of subtler yet crucial things to notice about the above keywords list is the emphasis on proximity. Coffee drinkers want their caffeine to be close and readily available. This is where geographical targeting comes in. One of the many great AdWords features is the ability to target Google searchers via physical location. So, if you own a coffee shop in Columbus, Ohio, you can restrict your Search campaign such that your ads only show when people in Columbus search “coffee” or “coffee near me.” What good is your campaign if it advertises your business in Ohio to Google searchers in Los Angeles? That’s a super good way to waste clicks and money.

You should also make use of the affiliate location extension. This is a great tool you can use to convert your Search ads into foot traffic. Essentially, when someone searches one of your keywords and sees your ad, the ALE alerts them of nearby places to buy your product. The tool is also applicable on the Display network and on YouTube.

On top of social and search, how about some content marketing and SEO practices? If your business has an active and well-designed website, consider adding a blog and writing quick, fun articles about coffee and the industry. We already discussed the importance of connecting with your customers, and using to a blog to craft stories behind your brand and your products is a stellar way to do that. Creating strong, relevant content that people want to read will help with SERP rankings and traffic.

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