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Online Payment Solutions Marketing Tips and Tricks

Some writers would open this article by declaring that physical, brick-and-mortar stores are a thing of the past, cast away into oblivion by Amazon and the ecommerce revolution.

A compelling opener? Sure. Factual? Not so much. Physical stores aren’t going anywhere.

That being said, the immense growth of ecommerce in recent years is undeniable. To many, the idea of driving to a mall, hunting for a parking space, and struggling to find the items they need is inconceivable. Plus, with the meteoric rise of streaming platforms and the ever-falling barriers to entry into the tech industry, a lot of the stuff people and businesses are paying for simply can’t be bought in a physical store.

All this means one thing: providers of online payment solutions need strong online advertising tactics to reach consumers and businesses alike. That’s why we’re here.

A huge part of marketing online payment solutions is gaining the trust of prospects. Keep in mind that your software is going to facilitate the payments that business need to keep going. Your first step towards building trust takes place on the search engine results page (SERP). Use ad extensions to give yourself a little more real estate to work with. With this extra space, you can outline all the incredible features your company offers: global coverage, an in-house customer support team, guaranteed protection against fraud, and so on. With just a few additional words, you can induce more skeptical prospects into clicking your ads.

You’re not done yet, however. There’s still another big step to take: getting the conversion. In order to do that, you need to optimize your landing pages. First things first—the language and tone you use in your ads should carry over to your landing pages. Otherwise, your prospects will feel disoriented and they’ll be more likely to click back to the SERP. To further gain trust, use customer testimonials. If a cautious prospect sees that business owners just like her love your software, she’ll be far more likely to convert.

No matter how strong your ad copy and how stellar your landing pages, a lot of prospects are going to take their time before selecting an online payment solution software. They’re going to conduct several searches and spend a good amount of time weighing their options. The worst thing that can happen during this consideration period is letting the prospect forget about your company. You want your software to stay in the front of her mind the whole time.

Enter remarketing. Using the Google Display Network (GDN), you can use your strongest banner ad creative to remarket to prospects who have already visited your site at least once. Your Display ads will go where your prospects go, making your brand as visible as possible while they read articles about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and catch up on the news. Like we said—the goal is to keep your online payment solution software prominent.

Finally, let’s talk content marketing. We know it sounds strange—content isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when discussing online payment solutions. However, most B2B marketers employ this strategy, and they often find success. With a strong data analyst and a great designer, your company can create really compelling infographics that provide insights into the worlds of ecommerce, online businesses, consumer behavior, finance, and more. With some awesome educational resources circulating around the Internet, all branded with your company name, you can expect to drive relevant traffic to your site. Plus, infographics are easily translated into blog posts and short videos, both of which are hugely popular forms of content. Creating a diversified content portfolio based on robust data is a surefire way to build a reliable brand and drive tons of prospects to your sales team.

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