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Mortgage Marketing Tips and Tricks

There is no greater humble brag than responding to someone’s movie review with, “Yeah, but the book was better.” See, this is a brilliant tactic because it lets people know that you’re an intellectual in a subtle, totally non-obnoxious way. A great addition to your small talk repertoire at parties!

No book-turned-movie inspires this humble brag more than The Big Short.  Whoa – not only do you read. You read about mortgages? It simply does not get more hardcore than that.

A mortgage is a big ’ol loan that the bank gives you so you can buy property. You get a house, and in exchange you shell out monthly payments, including interest, until the loan is paid off. Mortgages are super useful for those societal outliers who don’t have $700,000 laying around their apartments. Weird, we know.

Considering you’re on the popular keywords page for the mortgage market, you probably already knew that stuff. What you really need is some tips for marketing to prospective home buyers. After all, by the end of May 2018, the membership of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reached 1,321,050. That’s a pretty good amount of competition. So, where to you begin in order to stand a chance?

In a word: online. The NAR estimates that 92% of prospective homeowners begin their searches on the internet. An engaging, multi-channel social media presence is essential. Consider hiring a professional photographer and using sites like Instagram and Pinterest to share some stellar property shots. Actively use Facebook and Twitter to interact with clients and develop a small community.

A proven way to capture strong leads is offering free content in exchange for emails and phone numbers. Create a blog section on your website and update it with industry news and advice (tell-tale indicator of a cool company that sells cool stuff). Ebooks are great, too. You can rest easy knowing that anyone who reads “15 Things to Know Before Buying a Home” is probably a legitimate lead. Plus, building a library of engaging, diverse content that other sites reference is a core practice of good SEO.

Put together some virtual property tours. The rapid rise in the popularity of video marketing indicates that consumers are visual learners. Give them what they want and they’re more likely to pay attention. Video content is a great way to boost traffic and organic search rankings. It’s also a great way to tell stories and attach emotional appeal to the houses you’re selling. What’s more, providing a virtual tour increases the chances that the people who reach out to you are legitimately interested in the property.

As far as search advertising goes, it’s wise to narrow your geographical focus. Think about it: if you’re marketing to real estate prospects in suburban Massachusetts, it makes no sense to show your ads when people in LA search “mortgage.” Take advantage of the targeting tools in AdWords to ensure that you’re not wasting clicks (and money) on useless leads.

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