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Ecommerce Marketing Tips and Tricks

Not too long ago, anybody who wanted to watch a movie in the comfort of his or her own home needed to trek down to the nearest Blockbuster and rent out a VHS tape. Now, you can instantaneously demand feature-length films on a small computer that lives in your pocket.

Then, once Accepted is over and you’ve had enough time to process the fact that a major studio actually commissioned a film about Justin Long and Josh Gad inventing a fake college, you can log into your Amazon account and order just about anything for same-day delivery.

Life comes at you fast, man. And no industry exemplifies this better than ecommerce. Shopping is still primarily done in physical retail outlets, but the online marketplace grows every day.

By 2021, global ecommerce sales will eclipse $4 trillion, having grown nearly 250% since 2014. Believe it or not, B2B commerce is the engine inside that growth: it’s several times larger than the B2C market. Shopify asserts that the discrepancy is partially attributable to the prevalence of self-service.

By the way, “global ecommerce” really does mean global ecommerce. The two biggest national markets – the U.S. and China – are in different hemispheres; the majority of online shoppers place orders from overseas retailers. The meteoric rise of online shopping has virtually erased national borders, creating an immense marketplace with ever-changing rules.

If you’re a marketer and you’re wondering how you can possibly keep up, you’ve come to the right place.

A good place to start: some good ol’ fashioned SEO practices. Whether they’re buying online or in a brick-and-mortar store, over 70% of American consumers begin their shopping experiences with a search engine. In a world where search results listed after the first page average a CTR of just 1.5%, ranking in search is absolutely essential.

It’s not enough to just rank, though; if you want high conversion rates, you need to rank for keywords that are relevant to your business. Do you keyword research and maintain a balance between broad and long-tail. Take advantage of negative keywords, too. On top of that, it’s a matter of cranking out great content, building internal links, and making your website easy to crawl and navigate.

Oh, and you’re gonna need some stellar landing pages, too. Simply put, if you’re messing around and directing traffic to C+ landing pages, you’re not maximizing the ROI for your paid search campaigns. Make sure your pages match your ads and focus on making the mobile experience as easy as possible. Put some thought into your CTAs, and maybe work some video in there to really convey your brand messaging.

Take advantage of social media. As platforms for users to build out their personal styles and aesthetics, Instagram and Pinterest are particularly good places to target online shoppers. Social media is also an excellent place to find brand ambassadors: super loyal customers who tell all their friends and family members how terrific your products are. Offer your ambassadors the right incentives and they’ll create some killer content for your brand in no time.

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