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Internet Games Marketing Tips and Tricks

The average WordStream employee is by no means elderly. If you ever get the chance to see our Boston headquarters, you can expect to be energized by a intoxicating atmosphere of youthful exuberance and doe-eyed optimism – with a sizable dose of competitive bro culture over in sales.

All that being said, most of us on the Stream Team can remember a time when entertainment was limited to Gameboy Color, Blink-182 cassettes (admit it), and whatever you could find to do in the woods. Simpler times.

Fast forward to today and internet gaming has completely taken over. According to Statista, over 55 million Americans identify as online gamers, and the industry will grow to a value of $33.6 billion by 2019. Pew Research Center asserts that, although men and women are equally likely to report playing video games, men are almost 3x as likely to identify as “gamers.” Looking at the American population overall, half of adults play video games, and 10% call themselves gamers.

So, you’re in the internet gaming industry and you’re wondering how you can effectively advertise to stand out in an increasingly large marketplace. You’ve come to the right place, comrade.

Let’s start with something the WordStream marketing team knows well: the importance of content. Although a lot of internet gamers classify themselves as casual consumers, there is a strong culture around the activity nonetheless – just look at esports conventions! This means that you can create content centered around the industry and its culture. For example, a blog that features news articles, game reviews, editorial pieces, and eye-grabbing lists (Top 10 First-Person Shooter Games Ever!) is an excellent way to drive traffic to your site. You can go beyond text-based content, too. People love to talk about their favorite games – start a podcast or a video series to get people talking. Regardless of the medium, creating great content will generate buzz about your business and help build a reputation that search engines like Google will reward with high SERP rankings.

Speaking of SERPs – if you’re using paid search (you should) and in need of some guidance, we’re here to help. First things first: don’t take those keywords up there for granted. For one thing, they’re super general. Although broad keywords are a good way to reach a huge audience, the competition is too great to rely on them exclusively, and there’s a greater chance of wasting clicks on consumers with no interest in your product. This is where long-tail keywords come into play. They’re longer, less competitive, and narrower in their reach. But, because they’re more specific, bidding on them makes you more likely to reach prospects further along in the buying process. Reaching a more relevant audience of online gamers means fewer wasted clicks and higher conversion rates.

You need to put some serious thought into your ads, too. Search marketers often fail to provide the one thing prospects are looking for: solutions. If you’re marketing to gamers, they’re looking for a engaging, satisfying experience. So, rather than making your headline “Ready to play?” consider something along the lines of “Conquer the Resistance Today.” The former is a waste of space because the prospect would not search “online games” if he or she were not ready to play. The latter promises to give them the experience they’re looking for. You get a very limited amount of search real estate – use it to the fullest.

For more marketing tips and tricks, get a light jog going and head over to the WordStream blog.

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