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B2B Marketing Tips and Tricks

We know B2B marketing can seem a little tricky, but with a strong commitment to understanding your customer base coupled with a better understanding of your target market, it might be just what your business needs to boost its potential reach and performance.

With this beautiful list of industry relevant keywords, we’re setting you free into the world of PPC advertising! It seems overwhelming, but picking the right keywords to bid on is all about understanding the value of your business and the inner workings of your target market. How do they search for you? Build some good looking landing pages for assets related to your high traffic keywords. Are they searching for alternatives to you? It’s competitive, but look into bidding on brand terms! With the right keyword research, you’ll be doing everything you can to help customers find you, and your SEO will thank you.

We’re sure you understand the marketers focus on SEO, but did you know 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing? If that didn’t get your attention, consider this: B2B companies that run a blog produce 67% more leads than those that don’t. The truth’s in the numbers here: producing content from your business can do wonders for your reach, reputation, brand recognition, and your leads!

What kind of content should you be publishing, you ask? That all depends of your industry trends and customer demographics. Blogging is a good place to start, but if you’re feeling confident in the content you’re producing, diversifying how you deliver it to potential leads can go a long way. A omnichannel strategy is great for increasing your reach, so think beyond articles and lists and consider implementing things like videos, white papers, infographics, emails, and more. If you’re unsure what kinds of content/topics would be best for your company, start by checking out tip collections, top 10 lists, etc., from your industry to decide what your customers are looking for most.

To everyone who thought social media was a lost cause for B2B marketers, consider what your competition’s up to: 91% B2B marketers are using LinkedIn, 73% are on Youtube, and 22% are trying their hand at Instagram. Long story short, the use of social media is another great way to broaden your reach, so get those accounts firing. Twitter is great for light/relatable copy to drive more traffic to your site, Instagram is huge for brand-recognition, and Youtube can help you grow that content library we were talking about. We could keep rattling off social media platforms and their benefits, but you get the idea; using social media can increase your chances of getting noticed by potential customers, and strengthen your brand image overall.

Beyond adding some content marketing to your strategy, there’s more you can do to up your B2B marketing game. Determining your value proposition is great, but making sure it’s clearly defined, accessible, and geared around the benefits your product/service can provide other businesses with is crucial. In other words, marketing to other businesses requires standing in their shoes. Emphasize how your offerings would make their life easier, their business more successful, and their customers more satisfied.

In order to make your marketing strategy customer-centric, you’ll need to have a solid understanding of your customer base. The first step in this process is creating buyer personas, so you can better understand what kinds of customers (in general) you deal with most frequently, how to most efficiently sell to them, and what really makes them tick. Beyond this, publishing customer-spotlights, having opportunities for current customers to voice their questions/concerns, and providing a designated space for testimonials/reviews can help you get to know your customers better and promote a healthy line of communication that supports customer relations.

For more B2B marketing tips, tricks, and trends, check out the WordStream blog.

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