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Luggage Marketing Tips and Tricks

As long as people keep owning clothes and going on trips, the demand for luggage doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. Sure, people will still need suitcases, but what consumers want and expect out of their purchases is constantly evolving. In order to stand out throughout a buyer’s decision process that’s overwhelmed with sifting through new options and features, your business needs an effective marketing strategy now more than ever.

You’ll first need to implement some extensive keyword research for SEO purposes, so our list above was a great place to start! Optimizing your SEO starts with understanding your target market; who they are, where they are, what they want, how they ask for it, where they ask for it — you name it. With answers to these questions, you’ll have a better idea of the most worthwhile keywords to bid on and can also start to understand how exactly to target the audience most likely to convert into customers.

A really valuable tool for understanding and further segmenting your audience is the art of creating the infamous buyer personas. Are your offerings popular with business travelers? Families with small children? Shoppers seeking cheap and durable options over trendy or high-value? Start with some common/frequent customers, and try to build a character that best captures their basic demographics and purchasing behaviors. That way, you can use them to segment your leads under and market most effectively to your different types of customers.

If you have a decent idea of who you’re marketing to, take a deeper look into the message you’re trying to articulate to your customers and beyond. In an industry with this many competitors, it’s especially important to differentiate your brand as much as possible. Promoting and emphasizing your value proposition is great, but you might need to get more creative to really stand out. Never fear, there are tons of ways you can help give your brand the boost it might need!

Bulking up your website is not only beneficial to your SEO, but it can really help establish your brand as recognizable and reputable. Producing content like blogs and how-to’s are an attainable start, so get your gears turning around common points of interest or confusion your consumers within your space normally have. For example, you could think about the headache packing ensues for a ton of people and create a guide to “Stress-Free Packing in 30 min or Less.”

Purchases don’t only happen from Google searches, so diversifying the portfolio of platforms your brand lives on is a must. Use social media to give your brand a voice, and stay consistent with what you choose. You can run promotional contests and giveaways, engage and communicate with your audience, and get a really valuable look into what makes your audience tick. You could also consider trying your hand in affiliate marketing and compensating some follower-heavy influencers for featuring some of your luggage in their next vacation post!

For more luggage marketing tips, tricks, and trends, check out the WordStream blog.

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