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Gardening Marketing Tips and Tricks

Lush, bountiful gardens put a smile on almost every person’s face, but delivering those smiles requires some heavy lifting, and not just in the soil. No need to fret, use these tips and tricks to give your business the tools it needs to succeed through a comprehensive and engaging marketing strategy.

Keyword utilization is every marketers best friend, so don’t miss the boat! You can use this list to kick start your research, but allocate some more time and energy towards creating a comprehensive list of keywords tailored specifically to the offerings and expertise of your business. If you notice you’re not driving the most worthwhile traffic for your site and converting leads, revisit and update your list and consider adding negative keywords to your repertoire.

Once you’ve mastered the implementation of your keywords into your marketing efforts and gotten to know your target audience, dig a little deeper into what makes those potential leads tick. A great way to do this is to create buyer personas to tailor your marketing efforts more effectively on a customer-to-customer basis.

In an industry like gardening, aesthetics matter to customers. Load up your website with eye-catching media in the form of high-quality photos and videos. Beyond pretty pictures, design your landing page as user-friendly as possible, and ensure its functional on multiple platforms.

Thorough keyword research is great for driving traffic to your site, but converting that traffic into customers is surely the ultimate goal. There are a lot of ways to make this part of your job easier, but building a library of content is a sure fire way to figure out and track what people want most out of their searches.

Look into what types of searches garner the most traffic to your site, and specifically which drive the most conversions. For example, if the search query, “how to grow pumpkins,” is responsible for significant amounts of traffic to your site, write a blog highlighting the best pumpkin growing techniques. It’ll help you improve your relevance on the topic (and keyword), and consequently improve your rank in search engines.

Speaking of improving your relevance, having an up-to-date and active social media presence can do wonders for your brand image. You can use social media to highlight your best work, interact with leads and customers, promote offers/campaigns, and easily track engagement with your brand. Incentivizing your followers to share your posts or posts of their own for a chance to win a prize or discount increases your reach and humanizes your brand to promote customer loyalty. Streamline your marketing campaigns by linking your social media posts to the most appropriately relevant landing pages for each one, and voila; you’ve broadened your reach while simultaneously driving more traffic to pages on your site.

For more gardening marketing tips, tricks, and trends, check out the WordStream blog.

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