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Acne Medication Marketing Tips and Tricks

We’re going to begin with something of a thought experiment. Close your eyes.

Wait—you’re reading. Definitely don’t close your eyes. This will have to be an, uh, open-eyed visualization exercise.

Imagine that you’re in a dimly lit gymnasium. There are streamers hanging from the basketball hoops and the contracted bleachers. A DJ who looks vaguely like your cousin is playing a clean version of “Starships” by Nicki Minaj. You want to dance, but you’re not sure how. Sweat begins to form on your forehead. It stings. Why? Because you’re in eighth grade, and none of the acne medicine companies have been able to convert you with their online advertisements.

Okay, exercise over. If you’re an acne medicine marketer, and one of your prospective customers finds himself in that horrific situation, you need to step up your game. We’re going to discuss some tactics you can use to make better use of your marketing budget and deliver more leads to your sales team.

When it comes to acne medication, every prospect is unique. What works for some doesn’t work for others. As such, you can expect consumers to do a fair amount of research before choosing a particular product. This is where remarketing becomes a key tactic.

Imagine that a prospect does a preliminary search related to acne medication. He clicks on your ad and pokes around your site for a while, eventually leaving without taking any kind of action. Using Google Display Network (GDN) remarketing, you can target your prospect with your best ad creative while he moves around the web and mulls over which medication he’s going to buy. The idea is that keeping your brand at the top of your prospect’s mind while he continues to do research makes it more likely that he’ll go with your product.

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) make a conversion even more likely. RLSA enables you to increase your bid on a given keyword when a remarketing prospect includes it in a search query. So, after seeing your ads around the GDN for two weeks, the prospect sees your ad front and center in the search results. It rings a bell, he clicks, and he buys.

Next tip: offer a free trial in exchange for an email address and let the nurture process begin. If a prospect tries your product and likes it, an email campaign can be the perfect final push that she needs to become a paying customer. And if you’re wondering whether email marketing is still a legitimate channel, trust us—it works. 80% of retailers identify email marketing as their best customer retention tool. Compared to those who don’t receive promotional emails, consumers who have made a purchase through email spend 138% more.

To an even greater extent than other marketers, acne medication marketers need to keep age demographics in mind. According to the Encyclopedia of Children’s Health, over 80% of people will develop acne at some point between the ages of 12 and 25. Within your Google Ads account, there is a tab underneath Audiences titled “Demographics.” Here, you will find data regarding the performance of your ads across age cohorts. Based on these insights, you can use bid adjustments to target specific ages and use exclusions to ensure that certain groups don’t see your ads.

That second capability—to exclude irrelevant audiences from seeing your ads—is arguably more important. When your ad shows to someone with no interest in becoming a customer, chances are that she’s not going to click, thus cutting down your click-through rate (CTR). This, in turn, diminishes your Quality Score, hurts your performance in the ad rankings, and increases your cost per click (CPC). In other words: if acne medication marketers allow their ads to show to all age groups, they can expect to spend a lot more money on fewer conversions. Not good.

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