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Construction Marketing Tips and Tricks

Here at WordStream, we build stuff all the time: trust, camaraderie, friendships. You may think that, as workers in the adtech industry with a super comfortable office space and robot coffee machines, we don’t need to face the elements over the course of the average workday. That’s where you’re wrong, friend. Digital eye strain is a problem.

Despite all the interpersonal emotional building we do here, WordStream is not considered part of the $1.2 trillion U.S. construction market. The past decade has generated a resurgence in the industry, which, like many others, was more or less crippled by the 2008 recession. Although the number of production workers has not quite reached pre-recession levels, private spending has exploded since its low-point in 2010-2011. Public spending is far from its peak, but recent years have brought back an emphasis on the importance of top-tier infrastructure and roadways.

With the construction industry back to healthy levels and expenditures growing every year, it is a good time to bid on the above keywords and ramp up marketing efforts.

The value of residential construction projects in the U.S. has followed a strong upward trend for nearly a decade, recently eclipsing half a trillion dollars. Pay close attention to the geographic areas with booming real estate markets and target your advertisements there. Also, make sure to take advantage of the AdWords household income targeting tool. Presumably, consumers seeking out residential construction teams – to build, say, a sizable addition on their house – are somewhat affluent, which means it would be wasteful to show your search ads to lower-income households.

The process of finding a good residential construction team to expand your house is not a quick one, by the way; it’s safe to assume that consumers take their time and do some in-depth research. So, you’re going to have to remarket, and you can go about this in a couple different ways. You can remarket via the Google Display Network (GDN): if a prospect clicks on your search ad for your construction business and then bounces, you can keep your company at the front of their mind by showing display ads (banners, for example) across thousands of websites. Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) is also a great tool at your disposal. This tactic allows you to increase your bid on a particular keyword when a remarketing prospect once again searches something containing that keyword. In other words, if someone shows continued interest in the service you provide, you can bid up to remain competitive, increase your CTR, and boost conversions.

Don’t worry: we have advice for those in commercial construction, too. Let’s say you’re marketing a new, fancy shopping complex. You’re going to need to generate some buzz to attract consumers to the building. Social media is a great place to start. Take advantage of hashtags to build a loyal community in the local area and spread your messaging. Create some sleek, well-produced virtual tours to get consumers excited about future shopping experiences. Offer some sort of grand opening benefit, like a discount or a food court meal voucher, in exchange for emails. This allows you to launch email marketing campaigns and keep shoppers aware of all the awesome stuff going on at the complex.

For more construction marketing tips and tricks, read the WordStream blog.

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