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Office Supplies Marketing Tips and Tricks

Marketing office supplies can sound pretty easy; every office needs supplies, don’t they? Well, unfortunately, with all the competition for selling those office supplies, it’s a little more complicated than that. Fortunately for you, we’ve got some tips to help you take marketing those staplers to the next level.

When you’re selling something like office supplies, it’s safe to say you have a pretty good idea of who makes up your target market. But, it’s still a good use of your time to segment your market further in order to understand the different types of customers that live within that broader target market. Buyer personas are a great way to start. Go beyond the basic question of what kinds of companies your business sells to and figure out what kinds of offers find the most success with specific customers.

Once you’ve segmented your market a little more specifically, dive deeper into the channels that work for reaching them. Businesses might be more likely to find your business on search engines or through promotional offers and opportunities, and individuals might be more responsive to finding you through social media or search engines. The only way to really find this out for sure is to test, test, test. Test different tones in your advertisements against each other with AB testing, or see how the same offer does on a few different platforms. You can also track what kinds of customers you’re getting through those different platforms and have a better sense at what works for each one.

Social media might not seem like an office-supplies-shopping-hot-spot, but being on it certainly doesn’t hurt your brand awareness. You can use social media to offer promotions, feature customer testimonials, engage with your target market, and even promote content! But, what kinds of content should an office supplies company produce? There’s more than one answer to that one.

Content marketing has proven to heighten brand affinity, grow remarketing audiences, and most importantly for conversions sake, drive more traffic to your site. You can make your content helpful in answering industry related questions, or you can produce content just to get your company out there a little more. For example, if your customer base is primarily corporate offices, you could produce content around tips for a healthier office life, or how to stay active during the workday! The possibilities are endless, and all of them can help get your company the recognition it needs to grow.

Email marketing is another great tool for a solid marketing strategy, and it’s really applicable in the industry of office supplies. Tracking the orders from your customers in a way that allows you to determine when reordering should take place can help you send a reminder asking if they need to reorder. Don’t be too pushy on the selling, but demonstrate that you keep track of orders and care about your customer’s needs. This line of communication with your customers is another great way to build brand loyalty.

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