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Nutrition Marketing Tips and Tricks

From basic calorie counting questions and health inquiries to the trendiest diet you saw online, the nutrition industry is chalk full of search engine traffic. While some consumers perform a search after already knowing what they’re looking for, a large majority of the time, driving those searches to a site is any player in the industry’s game. So, what can your business do to ensure your website is the first one those potential leads visit?

With health concerns and disease prevention on the mind of a lot of conscious consumers, transparency is among the most successful approaches to marketing within this industry. People searching within the nutrition industry are choosing your products/services to better their health, so it’s imperative to have that available and easy to find as your largest value proposition. Businesses like yours exist to better consumers health and wellness, but also to teach them how your specific offerings do that better than the rest.

The easiest way to ensure your business is doing this is by demonstrating a clear, concise, readily available and unique selling point that is onbrand with the common industry objectives. Let’s face it; there’s a plethora of Calcium supplements available online, and it’s pretty tricky to tell which will most efficiently (for your body and your dollar) make your bones the strongest. It should be easy for people scanning web page options on a search engine site to immediately recognize your value proposition and proprietary offerings. Why is your product better than the rest? What does your product even really do? If you want to stand out in growing and crowded industry, it’s essential that this information is readily available and accessible for customers before they even get to your site. Writing your advertisements and headlines can be a tricky task, but if you can master the language of your traffic to optimize lead generations and potential conversions, it’s worth your time in learning how.

Now, attracting traffic to your site is important, but attracting the right traffic is vital to the success of your marketing initiatives. Incorporating a lengthy list of relevant keywords is crucial here, but, including the wrong ones can just as beneficial. In an industry where the presence of competition is always rising, ensuring your traffic is full of worthwhile leads instead of awkward-stumble-upons with zero interest in what you can offer them can help optimize your advertising game. So, do your homework on all the ins and outs of negative keyword usage.

Another great insight for nutrition industry marketing is applying the power of remarketing into your marketing initiatives. WordStream data has shown that people are 76% more likely to click on a remarketing ad than a non-remarketing display ad, even after they’ve seen it numerous times. Remarketing to customers is a great way to build loyalty, get feedback, and ultimately increase your conversions. Why not give it a shot?

In terms of the message your marketing initiatives aim to communicate, think about the common goals of the people that comprise your target market. Universally, consumers in the nutrition industry are aiming to improve their health and wellness. Make it clear how your business can help them meet their goals and objectives, before addressing how you can do it more effectively than their alternative options. A lot of people are searching for desired products that not only improve their lives, but effectively fit into their often busy lifestyles. Advertise the ease of your offerings if applicable, and keep your message clear and concise.

For more nutrition marketing tips, tricks, and trends, check out the WordStream blog.

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