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Web Development Marketing Tips and Tricks

While most web development businesses can build some pretty sleek websites, not all of them have mastered the practice of effective marketing. It’s easy to rest on your superior services and wait for clients to seek you out, begging for your expert landing page navigation, but the most successful businesses are doing more. From SEO to social, let’s run through some tips for upping your marketing game.

Obviously, we don’t need to tell the experts how to build an excellent website, so we’re just gonna trust that you’ve got that one figured out. But look at all those beautiful and relevant industry keywords we’ve provided you with! Don’t forget that different web development companies have different capabilities, skills, and services – so, the list as a whole isn’t one-size-fits-all. Obviously, you can’t bid on them all, so it’s about identifying which of the keywords from the master list will be of the most assistance in reaching your target audience. From there, identify the keywords most frequently present in your customer’s search queries or relevant to your business, and get bidding.

If we’ve already recognized that different businesses within the industry will have different skills and offerings, it’s safe to assume they’ll have different targeted audiences as well. Determining the details of your target market – all the way from basic demographics to purchasing behavior, is crucial if you want to reach them effectively. Creating buyer personas, using tools to target specific audiences with advertisements, and really paying attention to your customers are all helpful practices when you’re trying to get a better picture of your most common customers. If you’re targeting the right people, you’ll save time and money on advertising, and do wonders for your website metrics.

If you know who you’re targeting, focus on streamlining your message as much as possible. What benefits can your business offer customers? What kinds of businesses have found the most success with your services? Having a strong, differentiating value proposition can make your business stand out, and if you can offer customers tangible ways to see improvement after your services (like trackable metrics), even better! It’s about using your spaces to emphasize the best of what you can do for the customer, from the customer’s point-of-view.

Leveraging the power of remarketing can generate huge results for your business. Commit to following up with your customers even if everything has gone perfectly, and consider using email marketing campaigns to facilitate some of those interactions. You can use email marketing to send industry news, tips and tricks, announcements of new features/services, and check-in’s to make sure everything’s going well with their experience as a customer. Speaking of maintaining a relationship with customers past and present, did someone say reviews and referrals?

Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for referrals, because they won’t be afraid to give them! In an industry like web development, where your work represents your business in many different forms across the internet, it’s hard to ignore a website you particularly enjoyed. People might not ask their friends and networks who their web developer is off the bat, but if you’re clear (and gracious) about your availability for new clients and openness to referrals, your customers might beat them to it! Publish customer testimonials and portfolios of your work on your website – this way, the makings of your target market and whether or not it’s an appropriate fit will be even clearer for potential customers, further encouraging traffic with worthwhile intent to get to you in the first place.

For more web development marketing tips, tricks, and trends, check out the WordStream blog.

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