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Pest Control Marketing Tips and Tricks

We’re all familiar with the tell-tale signs. First, you hear little feet scurrying around on the floor. Next, there’s a faint squeaking sound coming from inside your walls. Then, finally, you see it.

A mouse.

What comes next is as universal as the law of gravity. You stand up on the couch, activate your hawk vision, and search for nearby pest control services on Google.

It’s at this time—when the prospect is desperate for help of any kind—that pest control businesses need their advertisements to stand out. Without a doubt, a consumer looking for services of this kind wants help as quickly as possible. That means advertisers need to earn top sponsored positions and craft some truly attention-grabbing ads.

Let’s discuss some online advertising tactics for pest control businesses.

Like we said—when your prospects are hurriedly hunting for a fast solution, getting the top ad position on the search engine results page (SERP) is absolutely crucial. To do this, you need to know the basics of the Google ad auction. Two key factors affect where you end up in the paid results: maximum cost per click (CPC) bid and Quality Score.

The first factor is pretty self-explanatory. The higher your max bid, the better chance you have of ranking at the top. We’ll return to CPC in a minute.

Quality Score is a little more complex. It’s basically Google’s metric for the relevance of your ad, and two things are important: click-through rate (CTR) and landing page quality. The higher your CTR and the better your landing pages, the greater your Quality Score.

Here’s the coolest part of the auction: advertisers with the best Quality Scores are rewarded with lower CPCs. So, boosting your CTR and optimizing your landing pages will drive more leads to your website and save you money.

Of course, boosting your CTR means creating more clickable ads. When it comes to your headlines, remember to offer what the consumer is looking for. This probably seems obvious, but too many advertisers overlook it. For pest control advertisers, a headline like “Get Rid of Household Pests Now” is far better than “Do You Have a Mouse Problem?” The former drives more clicks because it provides a solution rather than restates the problem.

Advertisers often make the mistake of relegating their special offers to their ad descriptions. Don’t forget that people skim things rather than read them in detail. Use your headlines to let prospects know why your pest control service is the best! “Pest Control in 60 Minutes or Less” and “Late-Night Services Guaranteed” are just two examples of how you can make the most of limited headline space.

We would be remiss if we didn’t discuss location. A prospect looking for immediate pest control wants a business that’s nearby. Therefore, if he clicks on your ad and realizes you’re too far away, that’s marketing money out the window. This is where geotargeting comes in. Take advantage of this feature in your Google Ads account and limit your ads to show only to those within your geographical reach. This will ensure that your audience remains highly relevant, which translates into higher CTRs, lower CPCs, and more conversions.

One last thing: consider going the funny route with your social media accounts. Consumers love a business with a sense of humor, and pest control is an industry that lends itself well to a light-hearted social presence. Remember—you want to be the first company that comes to mind when the prospect is shaking with fear on his or her couch. If you can successfully cultivate a funny, relatable social media voice, you’re more likely to capture mindshare!

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