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Music Marketing Tips and Tricks

According to Statista, the annual revenue generated in the music industry will approach $23 billion by 2021. There are a lot of players, too: artists, producers, engineers, distributors, labels, concert venues, ticket vendors, and the like. The daily interactions between these actors are necessary to mass produce the music – recorded and live – so many of us cannot imagine life without.

As streaming platforms – Spotify (wannabe hipsters), Apple Music (Drake fans), SoundCloud (your rapper friends) – have continued to grow more dominant, vinyl record sales (actual hipsters) have made a surprise comeback and CD sales (your dad) have completely plummeted. Compared to 2016, streaming-generated revenue will have doubled by 2021. Live music alone is a nearly $10 billion sub-industry.

The music industry is huge, and it is in a constant state of change. So, those of you marketing to music consumers could probably use some advice. Considering that you have found yourself here on the Music Keywords page, we will begin with some tips for navigating that handy list.

It’s not exactly radical to assume that you would like your ads to appear on the first SERP. For paid search marketers working with strict budgets, this means you have to nail your bids. Good bid management is especially important when search volumes are high and competition is fierce. To make sure you’re neither getting outbid nor overpaying for clicks, simply identify your goal CPA and your conversion rate; some quick math tells you what your CPC should be.

Speaking of overpaying, you need to seriously consider negative and long-tail keywords. Attracting clicks from search engine users with little to no interest in your product or service is a great way to blow through your advertising budget. Take our advice: do your research and filter out those irrelevant queries ASAP.

Beyond paid search, video marketing is a great strategy when promoting music. After all, why merely describe the product to consumers when they can hear it themselves? Plus, if there were ever a time to hone your video marketing skills, it would be today. Here are some facts. Video content boosts traffic, CTRs, and conversion rates. A landing page is more likely to rank on the first SERP if it contains a video. Social shares explode by over 1000% when the content is video-based rather than text-based or image-based.

Simply put, people love video. It’s essential to any good marketing strategy, particularly when the product is music.

We already mentioned social media, but it’s worth a closer look. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are flooded with new music every day. The spirit of social media is the sharing of – for a lack of a better term – cool stuff. Plus, a huge part of the music consumption experience is connecting with other people who like the same songs, artists, and genres. Therefore, music marketing on social media is like ecommerce marketing on Facebook’s shopping platform: you can advertise what people are actively looking for.

Although the music industry is massive and constantly changing, marketing within it does not need to be terribly complicated. The core ingredients for success are still here: a good balance of search and social marketing with an emphasis on video content. Nothing new!

If you want more in-depth advice for marketing across industries and platforms, check out the awesome content on the WordStream blog.

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