Grade & Get Paid: Enter to Win the Great Google Getaway!

August 12, 2019

Imagine, if you will, spending an entire day on Google’s campus with unfettered access to their product and marketing experts. What kinds of questions would you ask them?

When can I incorporate YouTube lead ads into my campaigns? Why are my organic rankings in a freefall? How does CEO Sundar Pichai achieve his beard coif? Is it cream or oil?

Now, imagine getting that kind of exclusive access for FREE. No conference fees, no hotel fees, no sirloin steak fees—not even air fare. Your only responsibility? Improving your Google Ads account—which, you guessed it, is also going to save you money. Some might call that the dream. We call it the Great Google Getaway.

Great Google Getaway

Run the AdWords Performance Grader from our Grade & Get Paid contest page within the next two months, and you’ll enter to win an unparalleled package of Google-sponsored spoils.

Read on to find out how to enter, and what you stand to win!

Grade & Get Paid: How Does it Work?

Before we get into what you stand to win—I know, we’ll get there shortly—let’s talk about the contest itself. Grade & Get Paid takes place over the next two months, from July 16 to September 15, and is geared toward helping businesses of all kinds improve their Google Ads account performance in that time span.

How to Enter

To enter the contest and qualify for the Great Google Getaway grand prize, all you need to do is head to our Grade & Get Paid contest page between July 16 (today) and September 15. First, you’ll be prompted to enter your email. Do that!

Great Google Getaway Email

From there, you’ll be taken to our Free AdWords Performance Grader, where we’ll ask you to fill out some basic details about your business.

And voila! We’ll automatically sync up your Google Ads account to generate a comprehensive report on your current account performance. Our AdWords Performance Grader is secure, fast, free, and time-tested—over the years, we’ve analyzed more than $9 million in ad spend, and picked up all sorts of valuable insights along the way. We’ll use a combination of this proprietary data and your own account history to give you a detailed report. That report will look something like this:

Great Google Getaway APG

Included in your grader report will be all the actionable insights you’ll need to make positive alterations to your Google Ads campaigns. This initial run will include an overall, aggregate score—in the form of a percentage, from 1 to 100—as well as individual, category-level scores for 11 separate categories.

Once you’re armed with your new insights, we’ll ask you to answer two questions:

  1. What did you learn from your AdWords Performance Grader report?
  2. After reading your report, what will you do differently in the future?
Great Google Getaway Questions

Click “Complete My Entry” and you’re off to the races!

All Entered! Now What?

From the moment you click “Complete My Entry,” you’ll have 30 days to leverage your grader report’s prescriptive advice to improve your account’s performance.

Once you hit that 30-day mark, we’ll automatically run your Google Ads account through the Performance Grader a second time and email you the results. Yep—no need to re-connect your account and manually run the grader again. We’ll do it for you!

If you’ve followed the advice laid forth within your grader report, you can expect to see some major improvements. Of course, just because your participation in the contest “technically” ends after 30 days, that doesn’t mean you should stop optimizing your Google Ads account. Continue to follow the advice in your second grader report to ensure that, regardless of whether you win the Great Google Getaway, you’re crushing your competition.

When Will I Get the News That I Won?

Woah, loving the confidence! You’ll know whether or not you won the Great Google Getaway on November 1, 2018—that’s when we’ll announce the 5 (that’s right, 5!) lucky winners.

What Will I Win?

Great Google Getaway Campus

Ok! The portion of our program you’ve all been waiting for—the spoils. If you’re one of the 5 accounts to show the greatest improvement in performance over the course of your 30 days of tinkering, you will win the following:

  • A 4-day, 3-night trip to Google’s campus in Mountain View, CA
  • Airfare, hotel, and meals will be fully compensated
  • A full day of learning sessions hosted by Google’s product and marketing experts
  • A tour of the Google’s sprawling campus
  • A night out on the town with your new friends from WordStream and Google
  • A full day of exploring all the best Mountain View has to offer
  • An unprecedented amount of swag
  • Invaluable exposure for your business on the WordStream website and blog—in case studies, and in other press opportunities related to the contest

Once again, if you’re keeping score at home—that’s a whole mess of opportunity for your business for the very nonexistent cost of improving your Google Ads performance (and, consequently, saving yourself money on ad spend).

Is Everyone Eligible?

Well, not everyone. To enter the Great Google Getaway, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • You’re not an existing WordStream customer
  • You live in the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec)
  • You have an “active” Google Ads account—you’ve registered ad spend in your account in the 90 days preceding your entry
  • Your ad spend did not exceed $50,000/month USD in that 90-day period.
  • You can enter more than one Google Ads account (as defined by a unique account ID), but with only one entry per unique account.
  • You are a member of an agency not entering the contest on behalf of a client.

That’s All She Wrote!

Still on the fence about entering? You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain! Head to our contest page today and enter to embark on the Great Google Getaway!

Gordon Donnelly

Gordon Donnelly is a college hockey washout turned SEO & content marketer. He's a sucker for fly fishing, mudslides, and Jim Morrison.

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